L.A. Times Daily - Jul 26 2012

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Clues Answers
"Encore!" AGAIN
"Family Ties" mom ELYSE
"Heaven help me!" OHNO
"I got it!" reactions AHAS
"Of course, dude!" TOTALLY
*Daydreamer STARGAZER
*Easy place to go downhill BUNNYSLOPE
*Sounds familiar RINGSABELL
180-degree lenses FISHEYES
1992 upstart candidate PEROT
2002 British Open champ ELS
A noble gas ARGON
Auto insurance giant ALLSTATE
Baccalauréat awarder LYCEE
Beneficiaries of some drives PLEDGEES
Blanc with voices MEL
Blue __: certain strike action FLU
Boating stopover ISLET
Boston airport LOGAN
Canadian gas ESSO
Century threshold TURN
Country retreats INNS
Coveted role LEAD
DOJ enforcer ATF
Durante's "that is" DATS
Empty-vehicle weight TARE
Experiencing reverence INAWE
Favorable GOOD
FDR's mother SARA
First name in fashion COCO
Grouse CRAB
HDTV part, briefly DEF
Impediments SNAGS
Impression IDEA
Isaac Newton, e.g SIR
Jar topper LID
Knee-slapper RIOT
Clues Answers
Like many churches: Abbr ORTH
Liza's half-sister Luft LORNA
Makes the cut, in a way SAWS
Marilyn Monroe was its first cover girl PLAYBOY
Measures ability in TESTS
Move a bit STIR
Napoleonic marshal NEY
Natural necklace components SHELLS
Nickname on the Boston Garden ice ESPO
Observes Yom Kippur ATONES
Old Spice alternative AFTA
On one's tax return REPORTED
One partner? ONLY
One-named Deco artist ERTE
Rough guess STAB
Salt letters NACL
Scandal-plagued energy giant ENRON
Seasonal song NOEL
Show done at 30 Rock SNL
Siding plaster STUCCO
Singer of complex songs WREN
Soviet news acronym TASS
Stylebook entries: Abbr STDS
Sudden ache PANG
Systemic suffix ISM
Thanksgiving Day parade sponsor MACYS
They don't graduate DROPOUTS
Thrash FLAIL
Throat ailment STREP
Tree in some Constable paintings ELM
Utah's gemstone TOPAZ
Valentine's Day quantities DOZENS
Volkswagen brand AUDI
What the start of each starred answer is part of, for a company that intersects that answer LOGO
What's left REST
You-here connector ARE
__ goat NANNY
__ League ARAB