Universal - Mar 29 2005

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Clues Answers
''Doctor Zhivago'' character LARA
1887 La Scala premiere OTELLO
A Witch of Eastwick CHER
Appearance MIEN
Backing for an exhibit EASEL
Balsa vessels, e.g. RAFTS
Basic bit ATOM
Bilbo Baggins' find RING
Black wildebeests GNUS
Born NEE
Bygone era PAST
Cap with a pompon TAM
Castle with many steps? IRENE
Civil rights worker Medgar EVERS
Cost for a deal? ANTE
Daring RISKY
Dogpatch denizen ABNER
Expected DUE
Explain further ADD
Fabulous fabulist AESOP
Feather bed? TAR
Fencing tool EPEE
Fervidness ARDOR
Fissure GAP
Genesis ONSET
Give the brush-off SNUB
Gnawing mammal RODENT
Group with a lot of bills SENATE
Growing outward ENATE
Hold out one's paw? BEG
Homestead's county DADE
Insignia spot CAP
Invigorates (with ''up'') PEPS
It suits you ATTIRE
Jane of literature EYRE
Jerk one's knee, perhaps REACT
Judges to be DEEMS
Knowledgeable VERSED
Landed ALIT
Clues Answers
Light sleeper DOZER
Like a Marine's bed, usually MADE
Low barks WOOFS
Maintain to be true AFFIRM
Makes improvements to AMENDS
Muse of poetry ERATO
Musical composition SONATA
Names in publishing TITLES
Not quick on the uptake SLOWER
Opposite of ''yippee!'' RATS
Parked oneself SAT
Part of F.D.R. DELANO
Party servers URNS
PC screen image ICON
Peruse again REREAD
Picked-on instruments, for short UKES
Place for seeds CORE
Princess of Colchis MEDEA
Regional animals FAUNA
Rightmost column, typically ONES
Samara source ELM
Scythian warrior AMAZON
Seat of Irish kings TARA
Shortcomings FLAWS
Some may be cold FEET
Story start ONCE
Take charge on the dance floor LEAD
Terpsichore's forte DANCE
Type of blanket WET
Type of citizenship DUAL
Type of edition LATE
Viscount's superior EARL
Vronsky's love ANNA
Wake from sleep AROUSE
Where students may go at night DORM
Young cod SCROD