Universal - Jul 13 2012

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Clues Answers
"As I ___ saying ..." WAS
"In ___ of flowers ..." LIEU
"Let's Make a Deal" option DOOR
"Over There" songwriter George M COHAN
"Rise and ___!" SHINE
1991 missile SCUD
A well-trained quip (Part 1) AGUYMARRIED
A well-trained quip (Part 2) ADOGCATCHER
A well-trained quip (Part 3) THENGOTANEW
A well-trained quip (Part 4) LEASHONLIFE
Added lubrication to OILED
Advanced math subj CALC
Alternative to a nail SCREW
Amateur's opposite PRO
Barcelona Zoo bear OSA
Bring up, as children REAR
By oneself ALONE
Car's need GAS
Cash drawer TILL
Cast member ACTOR
Caviar ROE
Choir platform RISER
Classroom figure STUDENT
Colored part of the eye IRIS
End of the Three Musketeers' motto ALL
Eyes amorously OGLES
Fantasy baddies ORCS
Feature of the capital of Greece? HARDG
Feel a dull pain ACHE
Follow as a consequence ENSUE
Foundation BASIS
French for "islands" ILES
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Give the go-ahead ASSENT
Gives guns to ARMS
Gown fabric TULLE
Grains in some meal OATS
Greeted and seated SEENIN
Grocery section DAIRY
Clues Answers
Ham on ___ RYE
It's taken in vein ORE
It's used to row, row, row your boat OAR
Jungle noise ROAR
Lay it on the ___ LINE
Long, sweeping story SAGA
Make a window frame watertight CAULK
Mannerly man GENT
MGM lion LEO
Mohair-coated goat ANGORA
More than suggest URGE
Musical closings CODAS
Non-swimmer's hangout WADINGPOOL
Old Turkish pooh-bahs PASHAS
One of seven salty ones SEA
Opera diva's solo ARIA
Pitchfork part TINE
Popular cookie OREO
Post-performance performance ENCORE
Prefix with "dynamic" AERO
Proud bird with beautiful feathers PEACOCK
Put on board LADE
Reggae great Peter TOSH
Shape of St. Anthony's Cross TAU
Single bills ONES
Small mountain lakes TARNS
Snow runner SKI
Spotless CLEAN
Steak option RARE
Strong criticism FLAK
Type of hydrocarbon OLEFIN
Vision imprecision BLUR
Volume equal to 1.805 cubic inches FLUIDOUNCE
Wearing clothes CLAD
What skunks are known for ODOR
Where inhaled air goes LUNG
___ Bator ULAN
___ the grid OFF