USA Today - Mar 28 2005

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Clues Answers
''Are you ___ out?'' (poker query) INOR
''Honest!'' NOLIE
''It Wasn't All Velvet'' autobiographer TORME
''My Favorite Year'' star OTOOLE
''Nope'' UHUH
''Spring forward'' letters DST
''___ Smile'' (Hall and Oates) SARA
Abound TEEM
Astronaut Shepard ALAN
Awake into the wee hours UPLATE
Bands from 34-Across MARIACHIS
Barely read SKIM
Beehive State tribesman UTE
Cajun concoctions GUMBOS
Cap site KNEE
Carte before the course MENU
Castle defense MOAT
Certain religious philosophy DEISM
Clerk of the 4077th RADAR
Closes in on NEARS
Coast Guard equipment SONAR
Cold confections ICES
Differential-gear locale AXLE
Drum parts RIMS
Duel prelude SLAP
Encircled and attacked SIEGED
English princess ANNE
Fashion monogram YSL
For those eating in bed, it's supportive TRAY
Foreign currency EURO
Former name of Tokyo EDO
Gas gauge extreme EMPTY
In the poorhouse NEEDY
It became independent in 1821 MEXICO
Its tail flaps in the wind KITE
Clues Answers
Leave unsaid OMIT
Lilliputian TINY
Links hazard TRAP
Located around a central hub AXIAL
Lose one's mind GOMAD
Lose star status FADE
Maternally related ENATE
Midmonth day IDES
More than patch up REDO
More, to minimalists LESS
Motor sound HUM
Mount for Lancelot STEED
Mournful melody DIRGE
Mudder's father SIRE
Native of Peru LLAMA
Old radio feature KNOB
Place to find a porter PUB
Problem encountered in the middle ages? SAG
Racing vehicle GOKART
Reason to buy Met tickets, perhaps OPERA
Relieve of weapons UNARM
Ryder of Tinseltown WINONA
Salk's conquest POLIO
Same old grind RUT
Scale note SOL
Shakespearean stage direction EXEUNT
Shaping machine LATHE
Some like it felt PEN
Sports complex ARENA
Start of the Lord's Prayer OUR
To the left, to sailors APORT
Tool repository SHED
Touch lightly in passing BRUSHUPAGAINST
Turf SOD
White House nickname TEDDY
Word sung by Doris Day SERA