- Jul 7 2012

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Clues Answers
#4 name in Senate seniority ORRIN
''Showtime!'' IMON
''Where soil is, __ grow'': Keats MEN
2001 janitor title role for David Spade JOEDIRT
Acknowledges calm EXHALES
Ancient symbol of resurrection PHOENIX
Any of 40+ comics mutants XMAN
Away for a while ONLEAVE
Bars with fingers KITKATS
Bearing MIEN
Belief in one way BIAS
Boss-to-be in many companies CFO
Boycotter in 1984 headlines USSR
Brought forth HAD
Certain kit, after aging MINK
Coed Olympic sport, 1968-1992 SKEET
Complications KINKS
Conciliatory ones DOVES
Cube root of ''ventisette'' TRE
David Mamet play OLEANNA
Dieter's alternative LIPO
Dieter's denial NEIN
Founding principles BEDROCK
Four Wheeler's 2009 SUVs of the Year XTERRAS
Four-armed destroyer of evil SHIVA
Good ear-wax remover BABYOIL
Guarded area in soccer SHIN
Incompetent fool FATHEAD
Informal pronoun YER
Introducer of the first metered gas pump AMOCO
It may involve striking out EDITING
It usually runs thru 12 ELHI
It's passed at many a rap show MIC
Clues Answers
Kingly name of Spain ALFONSO
Kite catcher TREE
Literally, ''fortress'' KREMLIN
Long-legged predator ARMYANT
Make an extra effort TROUBLE
Medium affected by the skywave effect AMRADIO
Miss Universe 2004 judge BODEREK
Obscure FOG
Offensive opportunity on ice OPENNET
Phone add-on MEGA
Piece of bread SILENTA
Pose ASK
Presidential prename CHESTER
Put one's mark on DOTO
Puts great faith in BANKSON
Raise, in a way PRICKUP
Reach a new level SOAR
Read Across America sponsor NEA
Red state IRE
Result of cabin fever? AIRRAGE
Saul Bellow taught there NYU
Shut the door on RULEOUT
Skin care brand STRIDEX
Sushi candidate SUNFISH
Symbol of oppression SHACKLE
The ultimate pan NOSTARS
They're made with skirt steak FAJITAS
Tower, for example EDIFICE
Type of membranophone BONGO
Washer attachment, at times COINBOX
Where sinusitis is a subspecialty ENT
Which: Lat QUOD
Winner of eight Grand Slam titles as a teen SELES
__ call BIRD