The A.V Club - Jul 4 2012

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Clues Answers
#16 on Bill Simmons's greatest NBA players list, for short DRJ
'Alien' actor Ian HOLM
'I support this bill' YEA
'Scooby-Doo' beauty DAPHNE
'Such a tragedy' SOSAD
'The ___ Avenger' TOXIC
1974 Donald Sutherland/Elliott Gould movie SPYS
Ad Blocker blocks them POPUPS
Airport employee outside the terminal SKYCAP
Albacore and yellowfin TUNAS
Aquafina rival EVIAN
Author Gordimer NADINE
Award won by Don Draper CLIO
BA in evangelism? WWJDDEGREE
Baker's ingredient? THC
Ball protector, in sports CUP recording DEMO
Beds, less politely SCREWS
Big stirs ADOS
Birmingham-to-Muscle Shoals dir WNW
Bother the heck out of IRK
Bowl next to the chips ONIONDIP
Broadcasted AIRED
Convenience store restriction NODOGS
Crappy task? WIPING
Cunnilingus base THIRD
Cuts, as a fart RIPS
Doctor who doesn't provide a keg for Pap smear visits? BYOBGYN
Dope, in the '90s PHAT
Everybody in Texas? YALL
Girl in the Huxtable household OLIVIA
Google browser CHROME
IAEA concern WMD
Is of use AVAILS
It can help you with your english CUE
It's a living WAGE
John of the 'Harold & Kumar' films CHO
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo's OS? WINDOWSTMNT
Clues Answers
Light brown shade ECRU
Like buildup in the ears WAXY
Literature about Randall Munroe's stick figure drawings? BOOKSONXKCD
Longtime Navratilova rival EVERT
Lose muscle tone SAG
Mani-pedi spot SPA
Miranda Cosgrove sitcom ICARLY
Mojo Nixon's real first name NEILL
Multi-sport announcer Albert MARV
Neither go-with NOR
Normandy notions IDEES
Old Fords that flopped EDSELS
Orthodontist's shots XRAYS
Penultimate song on 'Abbey Road' (ironically) THEEND
People who do stand-up about an aging Australian rock band? ACDCCOMICS
Prefix with colonialism NEO
Punish, as a god might DAMN
Ride a Deere, say MOW
Schedule uncertainties TBAS
Screens that switch rapidly between shows? ADHDTVS
Secret Santa season YULE
She in Stuttgart SIE
Snake with venom ASP
Some doctors, academically PHDS
Spot for a barbed wire tattoo BICEP
Staff of the Yale Daily News, e.g ELIS
Starts a growing business? SOWS
Suffix with official or legal ESE
Text, briefly SMS
Things to report to one's partner: Abbr STDS
Unfriendly ICY
Uses crayons COLORS
Vitamin ___ (PABA) BTEN
White stuff that falls from the sky BIRDSHIT
William who wrote about the Nazis SHIRER
___ a bone (boring) DRYAS
___-de-la-Cité ILE