Canadiana - Jul 2 2012

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Clues Answers
A dance, in Dorval BAL
Actress Sothern, for one ANN
Adherent ITE
Adjourn sine die POSTPONE
Aged OLD
Biography, for short BIO
Breath out EXHALE
Brew ALE
Carried BORNE
Chapeau HAT
Chemical ending ENE
Crude metal ORE
Delvecchio or Trebek ALEX
Dogs and cats PETS
Elect OPT
English river TYNE
Examine hastily SCAN
Expire DIE
Fall back RETREAT
Fri. refrain? TGIF
German toast PROST
Het up AROAR
Inclinations YENS
Lennon's lady ONO
Mediocre mark CEE
More than two eras EON
Ms Sussex EWE
New Brunswick's _____ Hill CORN
Newfoundland's _____ Hill HARE
Not excluded INCLUDED
Clues Answers
On a leash TETHERED
Ontario's ____ Hill APPLE
Ontario's _____ Hill LOCUST
Ontario's _____ Hill TIPTOP
Persona non grata PRIG
Phenolic ether CREOSOL
Planted SOWN
Porky FAT
Possess OWN
Pouch SAC
Prefix denoting new NEO
Pungent vegetable ONION
Red or Black follower SEA
Saskatchewan's ____ Hill SPY
Saskatchewan's _______Hill PARADISE
Scarce RARE
Sea eagle ERN
Secretly desire COVET
Serious SOBER
Sierra _____ LEONE
Soak RET
Stickum GOO
Stockwell, for one DAY
Tiny amount IOTA
Triumph WIN
Trotsky, for one LEON
Velvet PANNE
Versifier POET
Winder REEL