Universal - Mar 23 2005

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Clues Answers
''Ben-___'' HUR
''Get thee ___ nunnery'' TOA
''Kon-Tiki'' author Heyerdahl THOR
''Leave it in,'' editorially STET
''___ Girls'' (Gene Kelly musical) LES
20th-century French painter FAUVE
A place ___ itself UNTO
A reel problem SNAG
And ___ grow on ONETO
Authors PENS
Between-meal snacks NOSHES
Biblical pariah LEPER
Buttermilk's rider DALE
Cartoon character Krabappel EDNA
Comic DeGeneres ELLEN
Conceal, in a way CLOAK
Daytime fare TALKSHOW
Disrespectful, in a way SASSY
Dudley Do-Right's girl NELL
Elaborate party FETE
English break TEA
Ersatz juice TANG
Fancy bashes GALAS
Far along in life AGED
Fictional piece TALE
Field of action ARENA
First name on the Supreme Court SANDRA
Ghastly pale ASHEN
Give a valedictory, e.g. ORATE
Hand wagon CART
Has sore muscles ACHES
Heavenly sign for an angel? SRO
Hopeful soul OPTIMIST
In control, again BACKINTHESADDLE
Instrument for an angelo? ARPA
It may be worn in the woods PATH
It'a s lock TRESS
It's on tap in Mexico AGUA
It's supposed to be boring AUGER
Clues Answers
Kind of hoop or skirt HULA
Kind of rug AREA
Leave the trail STRAY
Martin and Jones DEANS
Minimal high tide NEAP
More substantial LARGER
Muslim or Christian, e.g. ERA
New car necessities TAGS
Norwegian city OSLO
Noted Japanese-American ONO
Object of a brilliant thought IDEA
Ocean liner? SAND
On ___ (as a gamble) SPEC
Piggery STY
Projector's load REEL
Prophetic shrine ORACLE
Punctured ball sound SSS
Reveille's opposite TAPS
Rhyme for ''stash,'' appropriately CACHE
Rubbed out OFFED
Service closers AMENS
Slipper that has no fitting around the heel SCUFF
Some are solemn OATHS
Strong woody fiber BAST
Suffix that diminishes ETTE
Suffix with Israel ITE
Talus formation ANKLE
The 45th of 50 UTAH
Unemotional STONY
Unspoiled FRESH
Uris hero Canaan ARI
Valueless NULL
What one isn't? EVEN
Zinging remark BARB
___ Rica COSTA
___ Z (completely) ATO