- Jun 24 2012

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Clues Answers
''A __ coincidence!'' MERE
''By the power vested __ . . .'' INME
''Bye!'' CIAO
''Casablanca'' pianist SAM
''Gift of the Magi'' author OHENRY
''It's coming back to me'' IREMEMBER
''Mad Men'' channel AMC
''Over There'' composer COHAN
''We better skip it'' LETSNOT
''__ not amused'' WEARE
'80s heavyweight champ IRONMIKETYSON
55-Across passengers ETS
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Agency that banned DDT EPA
Aldrin, to Armstrong CREWMATE
Anthem contraction OER
Asian nation suffix STAN
Assemblage GROUP
Aunt Millie's alternative RAGU
Austin Powers portrayer MYERS
Author Waugh ALEC
Balance, with ''out'' EVEN
Barrie villain SMEE
Battle barrage CANNONFIRE
Beast of burden ASS
Bother a lot EATAT
Breakfast dishware EGGCUPS
Bring together UNITE
Broke off CEASED
Brunch fare OMELETS
Carpet-making machine LOOM
Chad's place: Abbr AFR
Chem lab array ACIDS
Chewed on a bone GNAWED
Clear (of) RID
Comic strip featuring Popeye THIMBLETHEATRE
Composer Ned ROREM
Conductor Ozawa SEIJI
Cut back on CURB
Cuts back on PARES
Daytona entrant RACECARDRIVER
DC suburb MCLEAN
DDE's alma mater USMA
Deceive LIETO
Derisive cry BAH
Eerie sighting UFO
Elevated HIGH
End of Horner's boast AMI
Engage in ___ of wills ATEST
Falstaff's princely pal HAL
Forecasting figs ESTS
Fund, as a professorship ENDOW
Garden-hose holder REEL
GI hangout USO
Golf pro Ernie ELS
Golf scorecard abbr YDS
Grammy category RAP
Greek brandy/wine blend METAXA
Grist for Rumpelstiltskin STRAW
Gussy up PREEN
Hand over CEDE
Have the nerve DARE
Hawkeyes' home IOWA
Hibachi residue ASHES
Hosp. areas ERS
Hotel room roll-ins COTS
Icy treat SNOCONE
Ill-gotten gains SWAG
In the slightest ONEIOTA
Indian tea source ASSAM
It means ''bad'' DYS
It means ''half'' DEMI
Italian sauce style MARSALA
Clues Answers
Jim Nabors TV role PYLE
Ken Burns collaborator PBS
Kitchen gadget CORER
Kitchen supplier of yore ICEMAN
Kite part TAIL
Largest digit NINE
Licorice-flavored liqueur PERNOD
Like working horses INHARNESS
Live and breathe EXIST
Look down on SCORN
Mary Kay competitor AVON
Mead interviewee SAMOAN
Mexico Mrs SRA
Money replaced by euros LIRE
Motel accommodations: Abbr RMS
Nickname of Henry Jones, Jr INDY
Officeholder, for short POL
One of the four ancient elements WATER
One way to stand PAT
Operatic soprano Marilyn HORNE
Opposing forces ARMIES
Oscar actor Foxx JAMIE
Paper package REAM
Part of the eye CORNEA
Part of wpm PER
Passer of bad checks KITER
Pipe bend ELL
Plotting group CABAL
Post-WWII alliance OAS
Potato specification MASHED
Pulitzer/Tony writer __ Norman MARSHA
Queensland's capital BRISBANE
Rarities for NFL tackles TDS
Rock concert souvenir TEE
Rogue CAD
Royal Navy designation: Abbr HMS
RSVP receivers HOSTS
Santa __, CA ANA
School supply CHALKS
Scored a hole in one, most likely EAGLED
Shape of Chinatown phone booths PAGODA
Show the ropes to ORIENT
Smallest Canadian prov PEI
Space bar neighbor ALT
Start fresh RENEW
Stream erosion result RAVINE
Stubble setting CHIN
Studio subject of the miniseries ''When the Lion Roars'' MGM
Succotash bean LIMA
Tackle a slope SKI
Take a part ACT
Term applied to silents star Clara Bow ITGIRL
Theme of the puzzle MONOPOLYTOKENS
Tiny unit of time: Abbr NSEC
Train lines: Abbr RRS
Travel-kit item SHOEPOLISH
Tried to cool, perhaps BLEWON
Unruly bunches MOBS
USAF commissioning program OTS
Visit an e-mall SHOP
Way out there AFAR
What's more ALSO
Where Einstein developed relativity BERNE
Windowpane securer PUTTY
Winds up ENDS
Without ice NEAT
Work to do TASK
Year-end season NOEL
__ Gabriel Mountains SAN