L.A. Times Daily - Jun 24 2012

Clues Answers
"Color me surprised" GEE
"Ma! (He's Making Eyes __)": 1921 song ATME
"Maybe later" NOTNOW
"Norma __" RAE
"Not __ eye in ... " ADRY
"O patria __": "Aida" aria MIA
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"Star Trek" spinoff, briefly TNG
"The Kingfish" Long of early 20th-century politics HUEY
"There'll be __ time ..." AHOT
27-day pope of 1605 LEOXI
Airbus A380, vis-Г -vis most other planes WIDER
Alway EER
Amount so far SUBTOTAL
Angels' div ALWEST
Another, in Ávila OTRA
Anti-apartheid author Alan PATON
Art in a park STATUE
Assess RATE
Await judgment PEND
B&O part OHIO
Band with the 2010 album "Infestation" RATT
Bart and Lisa's bus driver OTTO
Be of use AVAIL
Best-seller list datum TITLE
Blue shoe material of song SUEDE
Boiling IRATE
Bond foe DRNO
Breakfast cereal prefix ALPHA
Brightly colored perch REDFIN
Burn the surface of SEAR
Busy IRS mo APR
Catch some Z's SLEEP
Check for fit TRYON
Cheerios TATAS
China's Sun __-sen YAT
Circle piece ARC
Club charges DUES
Clumsy mistakes BLOOPS
Colleague of Trotsky LENIN
Coloring cosmetic ROUGE
Comes out with SAYS
Court activity TENNIS
Do some cobbling on RESOLE
Drop remover WIPER
Duke's Droid? PATTYPHONE
Dust speck MOTE
Enchanted FEY
Eponymous microbiologist Louis PASTEUR
Evans's news partner NOVAK
Farm spread LEA
Farmer Al __: Paul Terry toon FALFA
First skipper? NOAH
Flight units STEPS
Forks in the road WYES
Foul-smelling FETID
Franny's title brother, in a Salinger novella ZOOEY
Frome of fiction ETHAN
Fruit with a wrinkly rind UGLI
Furry sci-fi creature EWOK
Gossip page pair ITEM
Half a bray HEE
Hard-to-win game LOTTERY
Have on WEAR
He played Senator Vinick on "The West Wing" ALDA
Hidden PERDU
Hoodwinked TAKEN
Hot dog topping CHILI
In __: miffed APET
Intimidates COWS
It has a Bklyn. campus LIU
Clues Answers
It's periodically rung out THEOLD
Italian peak ETNA
Juicy gourd MELON
Jupiter, to Saturn SON
Kent's Smallville sweetie LANG
Ladies in Mex SRAS
Like net income AFTERTAX
Like __ in the headlights ADEER
Limo passenger, often VIP
Lollipop for a dog? SETTERSUCKER
Marina feature PIER
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Mideast strip GAZA
Mistake FAULT
Moo goo __ pan GAI
Moped's cousin SCOOTER
Most cherished DEAREST
Municipal mascot? TOWNCRITTER
Name whose Japanese symbols mean "ocean child" YOKO
Neutralizes, as a bomb DISABLES
Nitrous __ OXIDE
Not a waste of time carving? WORTHTHEWHITTLE
Not quite closed AJAR
Noticed SEEN
Old Sicilian coin LIRA
On-target APT
P.O. deliveries LTRS
Pane in an infested attic? BATTYWINDOW
Pay to see cards CALL
Pin money source ODDJOB
Place and Kett ETTAS
Plead with IMPLORE
Political theorist Hannah ARENDT
Pre-deal round ANTES
Prefix with fauna AVI
Previously AGO
PT separators QRS
Quarterback Hasselbeck MATT
Range rover STRAY
Retinal cells RODS
Revival prefix NEO
Rhody the Ram's sch URI
Rude looks STARES
Run-down urban dwelling TENEMENT
Schnozzola SNOOT
Screenplays SCRIPTS
Shipping routes SEAWAYS
Silent yeses NODS
St. Louis's __ Bridge EADS
Support girder IBAR
Sushi bar soup MISO
Sympathetic sorrow PITY
Tar Heel State university ELON
Tendency toward disorder ENTROPY
Thames school ETON
Tinker Bell's blabbing? FAIRYTATTLES
Traction aid TREAD
Turkic flatbread NAN
Type of daisy OXEYE
Union chapter LOCAL
Urge forward IMPEL
Utah's __ Mountains UINTA
Wetland FEN
Where smoking remnants are stored? BUTTSDEPOT
Whom Cordelia called "As mad as the vex'd sea" LEAR
Yes-Bob link SIREE
__ Team DREAM
__ the finish INAT
__ tube INNER
__'acte ENTR
__-Croatian SERBO
__-di-dah LAH