New York Times - Jun 19 2012

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Clues Answers
'Don't say it!' OHNO
'Don't tase me, ___!' BRO
'Git!' SHOO
'Still a G Thang' rapper SNOOPDOGG
'The Pearl of ___ Island' (Harriet Beecher Stowe novel) ORRS
1969 'Bed-in' participant ONO
Against the rules NOTOK
Ambulance's destination: Abbr HOSP
Ancient Greek coin OBOL
Arcing hit BLOOP
Attend GOTO
Away from l'Antarctique NORD
Ax and adz TOOLS
Blue LOW
Boiling HOT
Boo-boo follower OOPS
Booty LOOT
Brick carrier HOD
C.I.A. forerunner OSS
Catchy musical phrase HOOK
Certain stock sale ODDLOT
Chocolatey Hershey candy ROLOS
Classic muscle cars GTOS
Conan O'Brien's Team ___ COCO
Cut (down) MOW
Didn't fall STOOD
Düsseldorf-to-Dresden direction OST
Film set item BOOM
Fools but good SNOWS
Four Holy Roman emperors OTTOS
General ___ chicken TSOS
Great Seal word ORDO
Guest passes COMPS
Hardly a natty dresser SLOB
Home of the Rockies: Abbr COLO
Intro material PROLOG
It makes a cutting edge STROP
Jesse who pitched a major-league record 1,252 games OROSCO
Jolly Green Giant's outburst HOHOHO
Clues Answers
Knocks on the noggin BONKS
Last movement of a sonata RONDO
Like traditional movies, for short TWOD
Lowest deck of a ship ORLOP
Madrid zoo attraction OSO
Main thoroughfare through N.Y.C.'s Chinatown MOTTST
Maine university town ORONO
Moonshine HOOCH
Not esto or eso OTRO
One not socializing much with hoi polloi SNOB
Ones taking night flights? OWLS
Orbiter of Mars PHOBOS
Othello, e.g MOOR
Part of a tied tie KNOT
Place for a break POOLROOM
Reason for a bib DROOL
Refuses to WONT
Roman emperor of A.D. 69 OTHO
Rude sorts BOORS
Sequel to 'Typee' OMOO
Singer Donny or Marie OSMOND
Some salmon COHOS
Somewhat, in music POCO
Spanish skating figures OCHOS
Spies, slangily SPOOKS
Spills (over) SLOPS
Stage item accompanying many a stand-up comic STOOL
Stick between the legs? BROOM
Stupid sorts SCHMOS
Things Old MacDonald hears MOOS
Traditional OLDSCHOOL
Treasure in un castillo ORO
Trudge SLOG
Turn up one's nose at SCORN
U.K. decorations DSOS
Vision: Prefix OPTO
Wilson's 'The ___ Baltimore' HOTL
[Out of my way!] TOOTTOOT
___ dragon KOMODO