USA Today - Jun 14 2012

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Clues Answers
"Best in Show" org AKC
"Farewell" from France ADIEU
"In the ___ of the Night" STILL
"It ain't over 'til it's over" speaker BERRA
"Love Boat" character ISAAC
"Sweet as Apple Cider" girl of song IDA
"Within the ___ of possibility" REALM
"You're making this up!" LIAR
Actress Winona RYDER
After the deadline LATE
Albanian bucks LEKS
Alleged mentalist Geller URI
Analog watch feature DIAL
Approximately GIVEORTAKE
Approximately MOREORLESS
Aquatic survival phrase SINKORSWIM
Army attack helicopter COBRA
Asian nursemaid AMAH
Backstreet ALLEY
Backyard buildings SHEDS
Bible book or prophet EZRA
Body snatchers' hatchers PODS
Book of maps ATLAS
Boring HOHUM
Canceled, NASA-style NOGO
Capital of Norway OSLO
Carry-on BAG
Cattle drive rope LASSO
Choir platform RISER
Church official CLERIC
Comparative word THAN
Crowned heads of Russia TSARS
Cupid's boss SANTA
Didn't rent OWNED
Drum sounds RATTAT
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Evil look LEER
Flip ___ (decide by tossing) ACOIN
Grappler's milieu MAT
Clues Answers
High schooler's book TEXT
Holy city? TOLEDO
Howled like a lion ROARED
Infernal writer DANTE
Known around the world FAMOUS
Like a 3 percent tip MEASLY
Lively spirit ELAN
Lounge critter? LIZARD
Matted cotton for stuffing BATT
Needle hole EYE
Part of a virus, often RNA
Petri dish jelly AGAR
Place for men to play b-ball YMCA
Popular male doll KEN
Positive battery ends ANODES
Prefix with "Caps" or "Cat" SNO
Put in the overhead bin STOW
Rod that holds two wheels AXLE
Roof projection EAVE
Sax range ALTO
See 51-Across ENISLE
South Carolina state tree PALMETTO
Squeals RATS
Stir up, as sediment ROIL
Stitch together SEW
Strand on an island MAROON
Tar's mop SWAB
Tip off NOTIFY
Toothpaste-tube abbr ADA
Twin crystal MACLE
Type of kiss or pie ESKIMO
Vocal solo, sometimes ARIA
Waggle dancers BEES
Wearing clothes CLAD
Yodeler's reverberation ECHO
You can get a bang out of it TNT
___ Lanka SRI