New York Times - Jun 12 2012

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Clues Answers
'Ain't ___ shame?!' ITA
'Et' translated AND
'Fax' prefix THERMO
'I got it!' AHA
'Still ...' EVENSO
'Th-that's cold!' BRR
1948 John Wayne western REDRIVER
1959 John Wayne Western RIOBRAVO
1960 Elia Kazan film WILDRIVER
Attorney's 'thing' RES
Author Paton ALAN
Babies' pops DADAS
Born, in France NEE
Champion WINNER
Denver ___ OMELET
Designer Carolina ___ HERRERA
Detail on a map INSET
Drop-___ INS
East Coast state: Abbr DEL
Evoking a 'ho-hum' DRAB
Exclaim using four-letter words SWEAR
Fail to do as promised RENEGE
First part of a 1952 best seller's title, followed by 37- and 51-Across THEBRIDGE
Frequently debunked ability ESP
Giant tub VAT
Hedge component SHRUB
Howls with laughter ROARS
Humorist Barry DAVE
Husband-and-wife milestone ANNIVERSARY
Ice cream or candy TREAT
Illegally take, old-style REAVE
Inc., overseas LTD
Ingres or Renoir ARTIST
It's 'wider than a mile,' in an old song MOONRIVER
Italian 'well' BENE
Ladies' patriotic org DAR
Many a recipient of hand-me-downs, informally SIB
Miniskirts reveal them KNEES
Clues Answers
Moderate pace TROT
More of the book title OVERTHE
N.M.-to-N.J. dir ENE
Novelist Jaffe RONA
Obsidian rock producer LAVA
One hoping to get a pass? TESTEE
Onetime overseas trade grp EEC
Outfielder Tommie of the Miracle Mets AGEE
Porto-___ (capital of Benin) NOVO
Queequeg's captain AHAB
Rain-soaked dirt MUD
Ray Charles hit of 1963 NOONE
Rest of the book title RIVERKWAI
Rex Harrison's singer/actor son NOEL
Riata, e.g ROPE
Richard ___ (anonymous name in court cases) ROE
Ring leader? ALI
Rome's Via ___ VENETO
Ruthless figure in 'The Godfather' DONCORLEONE
Sault ___ Marie STE
Schoenberg's 'Moses und ___' ARON
Season under le soleil ETE
See 1-Down PITT
Shooting star? AIRACE
Songwriter Jule STYNE
Squabbling ATODDS
Square peg ___ round hole INA
Sublease RELET
Suffix with Benedict INE
Time of little advancement DARKAGE
Tom Clancy's ___ (2008 video game) ENDWAR
Toronto's prov ONT
Total dive, say RATTRAP
Universally known symbol ICON
Utter jerk, rudely SOB
Verger on adolescence, informally TWEEN
Wide-eyed AGOG
With 59-Down, star of the work revealed by the first letters of the Across clues, which hint at this puzzle's theme BRAD
Wood knot KNAR