L.A. Times Daily - Jun 10 2012

Clues Answers
"A Bell for Adano" author HERSEY
"Come on, that's enough!" OHSTOPIT
"Ego Trippin'" rapper? SNOOPBOWWOW
"Forgetful me!" OOPS
"Ivy Mike" test weapon HBOMB
"Later!" SEEYA
"Please, Daddy?" CANWE
"The Hairy Ape" playwright ONEILL
"__ a Lady" SHES
"__ Is Born" ASTAR
15th-century English ruling house YORK
A bundle, maybe MOOLAH
Aerie builder EAGLE
Agnus __ DEI
Anderson who sang with Ellington IVIE
Andy with record-setting serves in excess of 150 mph RODDICK
Animation collectible CEL
Animation pioneer DISNEY
Arg. neighbor BOL
Aural cleaner QTIP
Barnyard beast ASS
Beetle's appendage ANTENNA
Big Papi's team SOX
Bloke GENT
Booze, facetiously LIBATION
Bring joy to ELATE
Brooks of comedy MEL
Campus armful TEXTS
Catalog stuff: Abbr MDSE
Cause of kitchen tears ONION
Cheney's successor BIDEN
College hoops org NCAA
Colonial well fillers INKS
Compassionate HUMANE
Cool, old-style HEP
Coral isle CAY
Court activity MOTIONS
Covert govt. group CIA
Critical times DDAYS
Cut off during pursuit HEMIN
D.C. school named for a president GWU
Dire circumstance, idiomatically? HELLORHIGHWAWA
Doctor Bartolo, in "The Barber of Seville" BASSO
Drop from the staff AXE
Dwells on to excess LABORS
Eggs on URGES
Enters, as a cab HOPSINTO
Feathered head-turners OWLS
Feedbag morsel OAT
Feeds, as pigs SLOPS
Fido's Easter treat HAMBONE
Filmmaker Lee ANG
Forget to include OMIT
Fran Drescher sitcom THENANNY
Fully fills SATES
Going nowhere IDLE
Grazer with a rack ELK
Hagar's daughter HONI
Half a 45 BSIDE
Health supplements co GNC
Iditarod front-runner LEADDOG
It may be broken on the road LINE
Japanese restaurant staple SUSHI
JFK posting ETA
Juice drink suffix ADE
Keebler cracker ZESTA
Kissing game? SPINTHEBABA
Lab protection org.? ASPCA
Large land mass ASIA
Clues Answers
Leer at OGLE
Like sack dresses BELTLESS
Like some providers SOLE
Long-range nuke ICBM
Lousy-sounding sausage WURST
Low area? LEA
Many MIT grads ENGS
Merit badge site SASH
Miller's Willy LOMAN
Money box TILL
Montezuma, e.g AZTEC
Moonshine mouthful SWIG
Movie promo TRAILER
Multi-legged critters MILLIPEDES
Musician with a 1712 Stradivarius YOYOMA
Native Israeli SABRA
Noah's eldest SHEM
Observatory tool TELESCOPE
Old ad challenge to wannabe artists DRAWME
One of the Minor Prophets HOSEA
Orbital point farthest from the sun APHELION
Paints for Pissarro OILS
Plodded TROD
Popular party appetizers? PIGGIESINBLANKIES
Pos. and neg OPPS
Quilting units: Abbr SQS
Quite impressed AWED
R&B's __ Brothers ISLEY
Recessed photo frame SHADOWBOX
Relieve (of) RID
Rest atop LIEON
Romantic night out? DINDINDATE
Rub out DOIN
Runner-up's lament ILOST
Scary spots in suspense movies LEDGES
See 27-Across LAUDER
Sherlock's adversary Adler IRENE
Sinbad's giant egg-layer ROC
Sits in a cage, say ROOSTS
Skid row figures WINOS
Some are tributarios RIOS
Spot EYE
Spot order? SIT
Steinway's partners? SONS
Stop END
Stout relative ALE
String quartet member CELLO
Talus neighbor TIBIA
Tchaikovsky's middle name ILICH
Tennis legend ASHE
Terrible tsar IVAN
The 31-Across's Quakers UPENN
Thing sliding down an aisle? BRIDALCHOOCHOO
Thistlelike plant TEASEL
Tile with ordered spots DOMINO
TLC provider LPN
Try to spot, with "for" LOOK
Turner of records TINA
Verb for Popeye YAM
Waistline concern? WUVHANDLES
Water, to chemists HOH
Waterfall sounds ROARS
Watkins __: N.Y. road-racing town GLEN
Wine holders VATS
Winter blanket SNOW
With 98-Across, "The most beautiful face in the world? It's yours" speaker ESTEE
Wordplay user WIT
Words often heard before a large number ONEIN
Zagreb resident CROATIAN
Zeno, e.g STOIC