Universal - Jun 9 2012

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Clues Answers
"How was ___ know?" ITO
"Juice" for Jeff Gordon GAS
"To Sir, With Love" songstress LULU
.035 ounce GRAM
Ammo provider, say ARMER
Andes country PERU
Arctic sea bird AUK
Arrived at REACHED
Asset for an inventor IDEA
Black and white cookie OREO
Boise's state IDAHO
Bratty kid IMP
Buenos ___, Argentina AIRES
Candidates who win unexpectedly DARKHORSES
Carnival oddball GEEK
Cherokee or Sioux, e.g. (Abbr.) AMERIND
Chicago athlete BULL
Corn core COB
Fashioning CREATING
Fly like a parasailer GLIDE
Furrier John Jacob ASTOR
German battleship Graf ___ SPEE
Get tangled SNARLUP
Got ___ of (removed) RID
Handle on a flask? DEWAR
Happens next ENSUES
Highly respected EMINENT
Incumbents on their way out LAMEDUCKS
It's between soprano and tenor ALTO
Jessica of "Fantastic Four" ALBA
Kind of massage or arrest CARDIAC
Lewis with a Lamb Chop SHARI
Life-preserver stuffing KAPOK
Like a Cheerio, say OATEN
Like a good debater's arguments TENABLE
Like pants after a big meal SNUGGER
Little bits TADS
Make mad DERANGE
Clues Answers
Method of meditation and exercise YOGA
Mushroom variety MOREL
Outdo TOP
Photo ___ (campaign activities) OPS
Pitchman's stooge SHILL
Prevalent all over PANDEMIC
Prey for a cat RAT
Priestly robes ALBS
Prone to wriggling EELY
Punxsutawney groundhog PHIL
Resistance measure OHM
Rosemary or thyme HERB
Roughly 2.2 pounds KILO
Seek damages in court SUE
Sharp comeback RIPOSTE
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sign of impending trouble OMEN
Small paving stone SETT
Speed a motor REV
Squarepants species? SPONGE
Sticky, green pods OKRA
Store for safekeeping ARCHIVE
Surrounded by AMIDST
The soul, to the Greeks PNEUMA
These go to a higher court APPEALS
They are beyond reproach SACREDCOWS
They must be crazy, in a film title GODS
Trunk of the human body TORSO
Unforgettable time for historians ERA
Verbally ALOUD
Wasn't a straphanger SAT
Wedding dress material LACE
What a photographer wants you to say CHEESE
What to do at a drive-thru window ORDER
Word with "dynamic" or "space" AERO
Worn-out piece of cloth RAG
Wreck completely TOTAL
___ Lanka SRI
___ lazuli (blue mineral) LAPIS