- May 30 2012

Clues Answers
''Ah, that's it'' ISEE
''Californie,'' for one ETAT
''Pygmalion'' monogram GBS
''Yeah, right!'' ASIF
404, to Caesar CDIV
Airport screeners' employer TSA
All even TIED
Apt to snoop NOSY
Baseball stat ERA
Brother of Michael and Sonny Corleone FREDO
Business attire SUIT
Campaign '08 personality JOETHEPLUMBER
CBS series since '04 CSINY
City near Phoenix MESA
Columbus' location, Sept. 1492 ATL
Combatant of 1899 BOER
Cry of delight YES
Dizzying gallery display OPART
Dull routines RUTS
Emerge, with ''out'' COME
Exam format ORAL
Fabled race loser HARE
False tale LIE
Fess up to ADMIT
French water EAU
Frilly LACY
Got down ALIT
Group for ex-GIs VFW
Hog's home STY
It lights up Las Vegas NEONGAS
Jacket material SUEDE
Key of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 AMAJ
Kiddie-show contractor BOBTHEBUILDER
Kinda tardy LATISH
Kobe's country JAPAN
Land area ACRE
LAX posting ARR
Let up EASE
Clues Answers
Log-in info USERID
Longing ACHE
Lord's Prayer start OUR
Melville's ''__-Dick'' MOBY
Mineral in a pill IRON
Mystique AURA
Nursery need WIPES
Oversight ERROR
Pile up AMASS
Pretense POSE
Private high sch ACAD
Quite VERY
Racing prefix for cross MOTO
Ring bout org WBC
Score 100 on a test ACEIT
Sensitive to other's feelings EMPATHIC
Some Federal agents TMEN
Something that falls in fall LEAF
Spanish ''ayes'' SISI
Spanish artist DALI
Spinach-loving toon POPEYETHESAILOR
Stork or heron WADER
Structures with cells JAILS
Studio stand EASEL
Table sugar SUCROSE
Tall, as tales IMPROBABLE
Tax on imports TARIFF
Tax-exempt bond, for short MUNI
Think the world of ADORE
Tibetan Plateau's locale ASIA
Troubled BESET
Troublesome person PEST
Trustworthy CREDIBLE
Water-park slide CHUTE
Waterfront area PIER
Well-established DEEPROOTED
WWII icon for working women ROSIETHERIVETER