Universal - May 18 2012

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Clues Answers
"... or ___!" ELSE
"... ___ the wild blue yonder" INTO
"Billy Budd" captain VERE
"I'm ___ your tricks" ONTO
"In spite of that ..." EVENSO
"No, that's not a typo" SIC
"Son ___ Preacher Man" OFA
"The Wonder Years" years TEENS
"The ___ Piper of Hamelin" PIED
"___ now or never!" ITS
200 milligrams, to a jeweler CARAT
A primary color BLUE
Abates EBBS
Abbr. in many job titles ASST
Acted human? ERRED
Alphabet quartet MNOP
Animal on the Michigan flag ELK
Attached with sticky stuff PASTED
Attica and San Quentin PRISONS
Bad-news child BRAT
Book jacket bit BLURB
Business end of a pen NIB
Chianti, in Chianti VINO
Clam and onion DIPS
Commits a deadly sin LUSTS
Cook, as lobsters BOIL
Corner store owners MAANDPA
Costello or Gehrig LOU
Daughter of Jupiter MINERVA
Dick and Jerry, the Van ___ DYKES
Didn't keep secret BARED
Dish eaten with the fingers POI
Dukes and earls PEERS
Excess body fat FLAB
Fine pajama material SILK
Frauds SCAMS
French clergyman's title ABBE
Garden stinger WASP
Clues Answers
Guys pursue 'em GALS
Hurricane harbingers GALES
Illegal entry BAGJOB
In the hay, so to speak ABED
Legally old enough OFAGE
Military group CORPS
Mindy of "The Facts of Life" COHN
Moore of "A Few Good Men" DEMI
Mosquitolike critter MIDGE
Moving busily about ASTIR
Noodlehead BIRDBRAIN
Not made up TRUE
Novelist Caleb or singer Vikki CARR
Omitted, as a syllable ELIDED
Original Amendments count TEN
Outstanding, as a performance STELLAR
Part of the Venezuela-Colombia border ORINOCO
Pearl Harbor's island OAHU
Picnic take-alongs COOLERS
Prefix with "gram" ANA
Reason to get braces BUCKTEETH
Saskatchewan city MOOSEJAW
Shortened version of a written work ABRIDGMENT
Strictly forbidden TABOO
Surrenders, as territory CEDES
Suspicious looks FISHEYES
Swashbuckler Flynn ERROL
Tale on a grand scale EPIC
Thus far ASYET
Top-rated group AONES
Tumultuous quarrel ROW
Two-___ (ballroom dance) STEP
Way to kick a habit COLDTURKEY
Wise Biblical king SOLOMON
With a fresh twist ANEW
Word with "candle" or "numeral" ROMAN
___ a high note (finish well) ENDON
___ out a living (barely scraped by) EKED