Universal - May 15 2012

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely, Admiral!" AYE
"All systems go!" AOKAY
"Caught you red-handed!" AHA
"Deal me in" indicator ANTE
"Dear Yoko" dedicatee ONO
"Dollar diplomacy" president TAFT
"Drink to me only with ___ eyes..." THINE
"Dynamic" attachment AERO
"Eureka!" alternatives AHS
"Hawkeyes" university IOWA
"It's now or never" time DDAY
"Made to be broken" thing RECORD
"Planet of the ___" APES
"Road Runner" background feature MESA
"Rocky ___" III
"What ___ up, must come down" GOES
A college at Oxford ORIEL
A ship from the Middle East, perhaps OILER
Affordable, to say the least DIRTCHEAP
Aging vessels? VATS
Artist's pigment SEPIA
Assembly of track competitors MEET
Attention grabber HAM
Aware of ONTO
Bale binder TWINE
Basic computer input RAWDATA
Baskin-Robbins servings SCOOPFULS
Bay filler OATS
Beams of light RAYS
Beginning to matter? ANTI
Belted out a ballad SANG
Bigger-than-life EPIC
Biggest blood vessel AORTA
Blowout on the court MASSACRE
Body illustrations, for short TATS
Bollywood garment DHOTI
Bookbinder's leather ROAN
Bread for dipping, e.g SOP
Clues Answers
Brief and to the point TERSE
Buddhist dome STUPA
Cape ___ (cottage style) COD
Caribbean taro EDDO
Chiffon or voile used to make curtains NINON
Citrus fruit TANGELO
Coin of Pakistan PAISA
Contented kitten's sound PURR
Country in the Himalayas NEPAL
Cuts, as branches LOPS
Detroit products AUTOS
Dry gulch ARROYO
Emerald ___ (Ireland) ISLE
Far from fashionable PASSE
Father in the army PADRE
Feudal Japanese warrior SAMURAI
Fore-and-aft-rigged vessel SLOOP
Fourth little piggy's share NONE
From where some worship? AFAR
Go in without a suit SKINNYDIP
Gray-brown TAUPE
Is in another form? WAS
Its capital is Zagreb CROATIA
Mediterranean winds MISTRALS
Oft-insured item CAR
Opera highlight ARIA
Out-of-print RARE
Panorama VISTA
Part of a century YEAR
Passionate states ARDORS
Phonograph needle STYLUS
Say "Th-th-th-that's all, folks," e.g STUTTER
Short-tailed parrot LORY
Small musical combo TRIO
Stool pigeon INFORMANT
Storyteller Cohen MYRON
Transmitted SENT
Wilder or Hackman GENE
Wind catcher SAIL