USA Today - May 9 2012

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Clues Answers
". . . for a ___ pittance" MERE
"Aah!" accompanier OOH
"I had to visit my sick aunt," e.g ALIBI
'40s bomb site HIROSHIMA
Actor M. ___ Walsh EMMET
Advise strongly URGE
Agent of Uncle Sam (Abbr.) FED
Asia's direction, on many maps EAST
Banquet coffeepot URN
Based on base eight OCTAL
Bats flies? SWATS
Body art, slangily TATS
Bolt fastener NUT
Bouquet receptacle VASE
Bread spread MARGARINE
Breathtaking part of a sentence? COMMA
Brewery fixture OAST
Call forth EVOKE
Capital city on the Aare BERNE
Caps on the Clyde TAMS
Cat's scratcher CLAW
Cheap pipe material COB
Cheerios grain OAT
Closed the door rudely SLAM
Competitive kind of personality TYPEA
Completely closed, as a door SHUT
Convent denizen NUN
Costa del Sol attraction PLAYA
Currency of Iran RIAL
Derek Jeter solves puzzles using . . YANKEEINGENUITY
Detach by tearing UNRIP
Disappear gradually EVANESCE
Drop out, in poker FOLD
Eli Manning's broad jump reminds one of a . . GIANTKANGAROO
Far from worthless UTILE
Find a purpose for USE
Floral perfume ATTAR
Greek god of war ARES
Gushing flattery SMARM
Clues Answers
Happy folks on election night INS
Houses with Greek names FRATS
It's on the level? SEA
Language of the Eddas OLDNORSE
Many a wealthy Texan OILMAN
Model material CLAY
Mongolian marauder TATAR
More than bad EVIL
Not level ATILT
Org. that deals with class issues? PTA
Pago Pago's location: American ___ SAMOA
Panache STYLE
Pelvis bones ILIA
Poultry powerhouse TYSON
Quote a passage CITE
Rancher's rope LARIAT
Royal decree FIAT
Shoe part INSOLE
Some Christmas trees FIRS
Some turns LEFTS
Sphere of work AREA
Stuffed one's piehole ATE
Subdued, as a tiger TAMED
The losers of the 2000 World Series had obviously . . METTHEIRMATCH
They're checked at airports IDS
Thirteen episodes, for Mad Men SEASON
Tonic go-with GIN
Toy building-block brand LEGO
Tries for a tan SUNS
TV studio sign ONAIR
Type of camp or bus MINI
Types ILKS
Upright figure? ONE
Venture money in Vegas BET
Very SoHo ARTY
Wake-up call alternative ALARM
William McKinley's first lady IDA
Willies-inducing EERIE
___ monster (large lizard) GILA