USA Today - May 7 2012

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Clues Answers
"A Little Fall of ___" ("Les Miserables") RAIN
"Black gold" bloc OPEC
"Cool!" NEATO
"For ___ a jolly good fellow" HES
"Slumdog Millionaire" setting INDIA
"The Scream" emotion ANGST
"The ___ Squad" (TV drama) MOD
"To ___ is human" ERR
"Yakety ___" YAK
"___ the land of the free . . ." OER
1955 Hitchcock film with Cary Grant TOCATCHATHIEF
A stereotypical pirate only has one LEG
Ad ___ committee HOC
Aerodynamic SLEEK
Alternatives to 45s EPS
Ambrosia go-with NECTAR
Ambulance feature SIREN
Anaconda's cousin BOA
And so on and so forth, briefly ETC
Applications USES
Appraise ASSESS
Babble enthusiastically GUSH
Bach music maker ORGAN
Banister attachment NEWEL
Billiards furniture TABLE
Black key material EBONY
Black tea grade PEKOE
Boat equipment OAR
Bob the Builder uses them TOOLS
Bushes forming a fence HEDGE
Campus cadet's org ROTC
Car nut? LUG
Cask stopper BUNG
Casual top TSHIRT
Close associate BEDFELLOW
Collection of some Handel bars ORATORIO
Creates MAKES
Cuttlefish excretion INK
DVD remote button PAUSE
Clues Answers
Early spring relatives of irises (Var.) CROCI
Electronic banker ATM
Fox-hunter's cry HALLO
French clergyman ABBE
Goose egg AUGHT
Hoists HEFTS
Humble dwelling place ABODE
In any manner necessary BYHOOKORBYCROOK
It must be carefully balanced CHECKBOOK
Low deck on a ship ORLOP
Made an attempt TRIED
Moccasin one should never wear? SNAKE
Momma's mate POPPA
Most apparent CLEAREST
Plundered STOLEN
Richard's first vice president SPIRO
Seltzer starter? ALKA
Shine like a star GLEAM
Soldier in gray REBEL
Some evergreens PINES
Stir from slumber ROUSE
Sue Grafton novel BISFORBURGLAR
Tenth mo OCT
Threesomes TRIOS
Toward the windless side ALEE
Upon the Mediterranean ASEA
Vermont harvest SAP
What methane's missing ODOR
Where some burials take place ATSEA
Willie Winkie description WEE
Wood for archery bows YEW
Word before "gossip" or "chatter" IDLE
Word with "collection" or "critic" ART
Workaholic's personality pattern TYPEA
WWII flying group RAF
Yale supporter ELI
Yard of ___ (pub glass) ALE
___ out a living EKE
___-Jo (track legend) FLO