New York Times - Apr 30 2012

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Clues Answers
'Now hear this!' LISTENUP
Activity a puppy loves BELLYRUB
Actor Gyllenhaal JAKE
Actor Thornton of 'Sling Blade' BILLYBOB
And others, for short ETAL
Artless NAIVE
Bare-bones PLAIN
Beelike APIAN
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Bit of bumper damage DENT
Black bird DAW
Bottom of the ocean SEABED
Boyfriends BEAUS
Bygone Italian coins LIRE
California wine valley NAPA
Can of worms, say BAIT
Carlsbad feature CAVERN
Certain spool BOBBIN
Chaste PURE
Cheese popular with crackers BRIE
Chesapeake Bay delicacy BLUECRAB
Chicago daily, briefly, with 'the' TRIB
Company with a spectacular 2001 bankruptcy ENRON
Competent ABLE
Crude group? OPEC
Currier and ___ IVES
Dentist's directive RINSE
Designer ___ Saint Laurent YVES
Easter blooms LILIES
Eat like a bird PECK
Eye amorously OGLE
Face-to-face exam ORAL
Feminine suffix ENNE
Frigid ICY
Golden Delicious and others APPLES
Grand ___ (auto race) PRIX
Group that includes North, South, East and West BRIDGECLUB
Clues Answers
Hawaiian strings, informally UKES
Heading on a list of errands TODO
Heavenly bodies ORBS
High-hatter SNOB
Just beat, as in a competition EDGEOUT
Koppel or Kennedy TED
Lab assistant in a horror film IGOR
Like chicken breast cutlets BONED
Like some preppy jackets TWEED
Naval rank: abbr ENS
No turn may be allowed then, according to a sign ONRED
Old LPs and 45s VINYL
Ones giving or receiving alimony EXES
Opposite of exits ENTERS
Quaint lodging hinted at by the outsides of 18-, 20-, 28-, 42-, 51- or 55-Across BANDB
Rapidly APACE
Reddish/white horses ROANS
Service provided at Meineke and Pep Boys BRAKEJOB
Seventh heaven BLISS
Shenanigan PRANK
Shower RAIN
Singer Yoko ONO
Singer/actress Midler BETTE
Something always sold in mint condition? TICTAC
Something brought to a birthday party PRESENT
Sparring injury, perhaps BRUISEDRIB
Spelling of '90210' TORI
Sullen DOUR
Take in some sun BASK
Talked back to SASSED
Tall tales YARNS
Versed in the classics, say WELLREAD
West Indies native CARIB
Writer Ayn and others RANDS
Writing tablets PADS
___ fide BONA