L.A. Times Daily - Apr 29 2012

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Clues Answers
"Cheers" bartender SAM
"Eew!" kin ACK
"Go ahead!" DOIT
"How stupid of me!" DOH
"If only!" IWISH
"It's my fervent wish!" IHOPESO
"Rock Around the Clock" label DECCA
"The Namesake" director Mira NAIR
"__ man who wasn't there ..." IMETA
'30s show tune that became a 1960 Dion and the Belmonts hit WHEREORWHEN
1944 Normandy battle site STLO
2000 Sean Penn film, with "The" WEIGHTOFWATER
Abbr. on many a can NTWT
Aid factor NEED
Aired, as a TV show WASON
Appear to be SEEM
Bad gut feeling AGITA
Bath scrubber LOOFA
Baylor University site WACO
Benjamin of "Law & Order" BRATT
Bilko and Klinger, e.g.: Abbr NCOS
Blowup source, briefly NEG
Break a promise RENEGE
Buck chaser? AROO
Busy, design-wise ORNATE
Cat calls MEWS
Chewable Asian leaves BETELS
Clinched SEWNUP
Colorful talker MACAW
Computer accessory MODEM
Conference clip-on NAMETAG
Confess OWNUP
Cook for three minutes, say SOFTBOIL
Corporate honcho SUIT
Crib sheet users TOTS
Declare AVOW
Defended STOODBY
Disappearing word POOF
Dr. visit APPT
Driver's lic. stat WGT
Driver's license, often IDCARD
Dwindle WANE
Easing of govt. restrictions DEREG
Elliptical OVAL
Empire-building activity COLONIZING
Extend one's visit STAYON
Eye, in Versailles OEIL
Fails to prevail LOSES
FDR program WPA
Fed. auditing agency GAO
Fedora-wearing adventurer, familiarly INDY
Fictitious TALL
Former children's clothing chain KIDSRUS
French monarchs ROIS
Fries and slaw SIDEDISHES
Germany, to Meg Ryan: Abbr ANAG
Get close to BEFRIEND
Giving lip SASSY
Go downhill, in a way SKI
Go for an ace, maybe SERVE
Gray area?: Abbr ANAT
Guy dolls KENS
Had a feeling SENSED
Had too much ODED
Hair net SNOOD
Harden ENURE
Clues Answers
Have an easy catch with TOSSTO
Hit sign SRO
Honorary Muslim title in old India NAWAB
How rebukes are administered SHARPLY
Hydrox rivals, once OREOS
Indonesian island on its own sea BALI
Isn't for couples? ARENT
It's gone in less than a flash: Abbr NSEC
IV amts CCS
King in "The Tempest" ALONSO
Last book in Robertson Davies' "Deptford Trilogy" WORLDOFWONDERS
Last word in doughnuts KREME
Laurel and Hardy film set in Brushwood Gulch WAYOUTWEST
Legal opening? PARA
Like some humor WRY
Maker of Taco Kits ORTEGA
Mental faculties WITS
Mexican man, say LATINO
Munch Museum city OSLO
Nailed down SECURED
New Mexico county whose seat is Alamogordo OTERO
Nice bean? TETE
On __ with APAR
One may get congested SINUS
Online __ print ORIN
Othello's lieutenant CASSIO
Parts of some area calculations RADII
Prefix with meter ANEMO
Prevailing tendency TREND
Prominent period EPOCH
Ran smoothly FLOWED
Rather rival BROKAW
Reindeer name DASHER
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer David CROSBY
Sadat's predecessor NASSER
Said three times, a story shortener YADA
Schlepped TOTED
Sculptors' subjects TORSI
Self-important boss, facetiously HISNIBS
Shield border, in heraldry ORLE
Show off HOTDOG
Shows no restraint LETSLOOSE
Sole protectors SHOES
Something to be proud of FEAT
Spoils ROTS
Sudden death cause TIE
Summer treat ICEE
Sun Valley loc IDA
Tabula __ RASA
Thai currency BAHT
They take things in stride STOICS
Tiger, e.g., briefly ALER
Time co-founder LUCE
Topple UPEND
Troubles WOES
Unwanted messages SPAM
Walled Spanish city AVILA
Waterfront org ILA
When a memorable movie gunfight occurs ATNOON
Whoop it up YELL
Work out an agreement SETTLE
Wouk work, with "The" WINDSOFWAR
WWII Italian beachhead ANZIO
__ Minh City HOCHI