New York Times - May 3 1998

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Clues Answers
'À votre ___!' SANTE
'Here comes trouble!' UHOH
'Hot Diggity' singer COMO
'I told you so!' SEE
'Iceland' star HENIE
'Just Another Girl on the ___' (1993 drama) IRT
'Mr. Belvedere' actress Graff ILENE
'Phooey!' PAH
'Put a lid on it!' SHH
'Singing journalist' Phil OCHS
6-pointers TDS
74-Down's opposite ELLE
99-Down, Down Under BOYO
Afro and bob DOS
Answer to 'Shall we?' LETS
Aurora's counterpart EOS
Bamako is its capital MALI
Boiled holiday treat PLUMPUDDING
Botanist's workplace HOTHOUSE
Bud, to Lou PAL
Business biggie EXEC
Buttinsky PRIER
Cager Kukoc TONI
Cape ___ ANN
Cartoon cat STIMPY
Cause for pause COMMA
Cautious stock inv. UTIL
Chabrier's 'Le Roi malgré ___' LUI
Chi preceder TAI
Chilean president, 1964-70 FREI
Chopin works NOCTURNES
Code name MORSE
Constriction worker? BOA
Counterirritant concoction MUSTARDPLASTER
Crack team?: Abbr. DEA
D.S.M. recipient NCO
Dictionary abbr. CONJ
Diffuse OSMOSE
Discussed thoroughly, with 'out' HASHED
Dress (up) TOG
Epitaph starter HIC
Exhibits, basically EVIDENCE
Exiter's exclamation BYE
Exiter's exclamation ADIEU
Feature of some modems FAX
Feeling lousy ILL
First Olympic Hall of Fame gymnast RETTON
Flattened at the poles OBLATE
Florentine family name MEDICI
Ford Sterling played one KOP
Fred Mertz, notably LANDLORD
Fury IRE
Fussbudget BIDDY
Get wind of HEAR
Gore's grp. DEMS
Gospel music award DOVE
Guards, collectively SECURITY
Have ___ (overreact) ACOW
Henri or Pierre, e.g. NOM
Holiday in Hue TET
Holy war CRUSADE
House mem. REP
Humerus locale ARM
In great demand HOT
Inc. relative LTD
Infielder Joey ___ CORA
Introduction LEADIN
Journal addendum? ESE
Kind of float ROOTBEER
Clues Answers
Kind of seal HARP
Landed a haymaker KOD
Limerick language ERSE
Loaf locale BREADBIN
Lustrous hue PEACOCKBLUE.
Lustrous hue PEACOCKBLUE
Map of the Aleutians, usually INSET
Medicine Nobelist Metchnikoff ELIE
Medium-sweet sherry OLOROSO
Meteorological menace ELNINO
Modest bathing suit ONEPIECE
Moonshine HOOCH
Most difficult to believe TALLEST
Most letters in D.C. STS
Mountain lake TARN
Name of 13 popes LEO
Nephew of Cain ENOS
Notre Dame name ARA
Nursery rhyme boy PETER
Oater groups POSSES
Oft-scripted Baroness Orczy novel THESCARLETPIMPERNEL
One of the Reiners CARL
Op. ___ CIT
Open-mouthed quintet AEIOU
Palace or prison, e.g.: Abbr. BLDG
Popular book genre HOWTO
Putting up with ABIDING
Quits working ADJOURNS
React to a bad joke, perhaps WINCE
Ready for surgery PREP
Revolutionary name CHE
Roadie's load AMP
S.D.I. concern ICBM
School clique, maybe NERDS
Shepherd's locale LEA
Shoe box marking EEE
Shutout ROUT
Sked guesses ETDS
Skyrocket RISE
Slalom maneuver SIDESLIP
Slapstick ammo PIES
Small shot BBS
Smash letters SRO
Solicits, with 'up' DRUMS
Song from 'Holiday Inn' WHITECHRISTMAS
Soul singer Hayes ISAAC
Speaker's spot LECTERN
Spring bloomer LILAC
Stadium cheer OLE
Starbucks serving LATTE
Starwort, e.g. ASTER
Stops up DAMS
Stops up DAMS.
Stripling LAD
Suffix with duct ILE
Theme of this puzzle THECHARACTERSINCLUE.
Theseus' land ATTICA
Under political attack, maybe SMEARED
Univ. awards DEGS
Warehouse supply: Abbr. CTNS
What anglers want that campers don't BITES
Where Dick Button won gold OSLO
Wheyfaced ASHEN
Whisper sweet nothings COO
Year abroad ANO
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Paese cheese BEL