USA Today - Feb 9 2005

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Clues Answers
''Unhand me!'' LETGO
''We ___ Overcome'' SHALL
''___ Na Na'' ('70s musical series) SHA
Bean counter, for short CPA
Blow up ERUPT
Bruce and Laura DERNS
Calculating subject MATH
Char on the grill SEAR
Chase off SHOO
Cheeky, to the max SASSIEST
Cheer start SIS
Classic 1953 western SHANE
Dance at the luau HULA
Drifting above ALOFT
Employ USE
End of the lament READTHEMANUAL
End to be attained GOAL
Environmentalist's concern SMOG
Executive letters CEO
Famous twins' birthplace SIAM
Forerunner PRECURSOR
Former first lady, somewhere EVAPERON
Full of life? ALIVE
Give off EMIT
Gives up, as an office VACATES
Gold standard KARAT
Grayish yellow ECRU
Humble LOWER
Impersonated APED
Indian princes (Var.) RAJAS
It has arms and waves OCEAN
James Hubert Blake's nickname EUBIE
Kate Nelligan film ELENI
Kitchen draw AROMA
Kosovo native SERB
Like composition paper LINED
Lincolnesque adjective HONEST
Clues Answers
Llano rarity TREE
Love, Italian style AMORE
Make an impression? ETCH
Makes lacework, in a way TATS
Miss Kett ETTA
Moises of baseball ALOU
More of the lament, Part II MUCHEASIER
Move, in realtor's lingo RELO
Neatnik's nightmare SLOB
Nixon facial feature JOWL
Nog ingredient RAWEGG
Oaxaca gold ORO
Oft-told tales LORE
Oktoberfest dance POLKA
Palindromist's dogma TENET
Part III of the lament IFEVERYONE
Part of TVA TENN
Prefix with dynamic AERO
Quagmire BOG
Red giant now broken up USSR
Reunion folks ALUMS
Rightfully deserve EARN
Saint ___ (isle S of Martinique) LUCIA
Send money REMIT
Sewer's tuck DART
Skip the big wedding ELOPE
Skyline feature, perhaps STEEPLE
Some are deciduous TEETH
Some baked goodies LEMONPIES
Take ___ (acknowledge applause) ABOW
Techie's lament, Part I LIFEWOULDBESO
To date SOFAR
Van Pelt and Ricardo LUCYS
Visitor's opponent HOME
Warbucks cohort ASP
Wine and dine WOO
Zeno's home ELEA