- Apr 25 2012

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Clues Answers
''As You Like It'' setting ARDEN
''Children of Men'' star Owen CLIVE
''Glengarry Glen Ross'' playwright MAMET
''Nemesis'' author Philip ROTH
Agitate STIR
All things considered INTOTO
Alpine Austrian region TYROL
Arizona city MESA
At that time THEN
Aussie jumper ROO
Bit of deception RUSE
Breakfast pastry DONUT
British Conservative TORY
Burden ONUS
Business card abbr TEL
Byron's ''before'' ERE
Casual shirt TEE
Checked out EYED
City south of Ann Arbor TOLEDO
Clinging vine IVY
Designer de la Renta OSCAR
Distributed DEALT
Drink cooler ICE
Dry gulch ARROYO
End of Jack Horner's boast AMI
Exotic vacation destinations FARAWAYPLACES
Faucet annoyance DRIP
Fifth cousin, for instance DISTANTRELATIVE
Foreign ALIEN
Franc's replacement EURO
Gift-tag word FROM
Give __ shot ITA
Goof up ERR
Gotten up RISEN
Hernando's home CASA
In the lead STARRING
Jack Horner's find PLUM
Clues Answers
Knitted diamond design ARGYLE
Knockout count TEN
Leprechaun land ERIN
Loan shark USURER
Long-term investment, for short IRA
Long-term investments, for short CDS
Mauna __ LOA
Mrs. Flintstone WILMA
Much the same ALIKE
Muscle condition TONE
Need restocking RUNOUT
Neiman's retail partner MARCUS
Nest material TWIGS
Nose woes COLDS
One's wheels AUTO
One, in Oaxaca UNO
Orbiters with tails COMETS
Patronize, as a hotel STAYAT
Precinct SECTOR
Prohibited practice NONO
Relax, as rules LOOSEN
Repeat verbatim PARROT
River through Bismarck MISSOURI
Sales less expenses PROFIT
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Smidgen IOTA
Solemn promise OATH
Spacious ROOMY
Stockings and socks HOSE
Suffix for secret IVE
Supplement, with ''out'' EKE
Talk like Daffy Duck LISP
To be: Fr ETRE
Utter foolishness LUNACY
Variety show REVUE
Wise ones SAGES
Woodrow Wilson predecessor TAFT
Word-of-mouth ORAL