The Chronicle of Higher Education - Apr 27 2012

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Clues Answers
'Doggone it!' DRAT
'How the Other Half Lives' author JACOBRIIS
'I Ain't Marching Anymore' singer Ochs PHIL
'Science Friday' host Flatow IRA
'Ten Days in a Mad-House' author NELLIEBLY
'The History of the Standard Oil Company' author IDATARBELL
'The Shame of the Cities' author LINCOLNSTEFFENS
'The Tonight Show' tidbit SKIT
'There's ___ every crowd' ONEIN
'This is only a ___' TEST
'___ Spiegel' (German news magazine) DER
1960 Everly Brothers hit LETITBEME
A raver might drop it LSD
Accelerando undoer ATEMPO
Animal in Australia's coat of arms EMU
At all times EVER
Boggy areas FENS
Borden who invented condensed milk GAIL
Box-set inclusions DISCS
Carrie Ann of 'Dancing With the Stars' INABA
Chalked sticks CUES
Chief, in Chiapas JEFE
Decline EBB
Dual-purpose rooms BEDSITS
Examines closely PEERSAT
Exclude OMIT
Exorbitant STEEP
Film-noir hat FEDORA
Fit of pique SNIT
Forced to pay for admission? HAZED
Getting 100 on ACING
Hosp. personnel RNS
In short order SOON
Item that flies off shelves SELLER
Jon Krakauer's '___ the Wild' INTO
Key above Caps Lock TAB
King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes venue ASCOT
Clues Answers
Lauder of beauty ESTEE
Library-book ID ISBN
Like the Godhead TRIUNE
Nanny's headache BRAT
NBA team partly owned by Jay-Z NETS
Opera star Pinza EZIO
Origin ROOT
Paint the town red CUTLOOSE
Perennial target of abuse DOORMAT
Pewter's chief constituent TIN
Polearm featuring an ax and a spike HALBERD
Political satirist Mort SAHL
Postprandial drink DIGESTIF
Promoting an album, say ONTOUR
Proofreading symbol DELE
Pulitzer-winning columnist Barry DAVE
Requisite sharpness EDGE
Resolver of religious questions RABBI
Resolver of religious questions IMAM
Restaurant calculation TIP
Reveal some gossip DISH
Shakespearean rebuke ETTU
Single-___ CELLED
Some retinal cells RODS
Stick under someone's foot STILT
Sunday delivery SERMON
Theories ISMS
Thoroughly absorb SOAKIN
Uffizi Gallery courtyard sight ARNO
Uses a Veg-O-Matic, perhaps DICES
Venomous creatures of the Sahara ASPS
Victor Laszlo's wife ILSA
Wasp creations NESTS
What 17, 21, 37, and 55 Across are all examples of MUCKRAKERS
Without merit NOACCOUNT
Worthy of worship HOLY