New York Times - Feb 3 2005

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Clues Answers
'A Midsummer Night's Dream' queen TITANIA
'Act now!' DONTWAIT
'Get the lead out!' CMON
'Iliad' wife HECUBA
'Mourning Becomes Electra' role ORIN
'Peer Gynt' dancer ANITRA
'The Turtle' poet NASH
'___ Angel' (1933 comedy) IMNO
13-stringed Japanese zither KOTO
Alfred ___ of 2004's 'Fiddler on the Roof' MOLINA
Answers with an attitude SASSES
Bad treatment ABUSE
Bedevil VEX
Breakfast or dessert dish MELON
Characteristic carrier GENE
College endower Cornell EZRA
Company that had a 64-page 'Code of Ethics' ENRON
Country cousin RUBE
Court conclusion THEDEFENSERESTS
Cry at a light show OOH
Declare AVOW
Endured STOOD
Family man UNCLE
Firm honcho PREZ
Fuzzy Wuzzy features ZEES
Girl's name from Greek for 'a bee' MELISSA
Goal of most games (and a hint to this puzzle's theme) SCORINGPOINTS
Home of the Atlantic 10's Black Bears ORONO
In the wink ___ eye OFAN
Johnny Carson, notably TVSTAR
Leveled, in London RASED
Lift, so to speak THIEVE
Ligurian Sea feeder ARNO
Like raw silk ECRU
Major departure EXODUS
Clues Answers
Middle of the 11th century MLI
More round FATTER
Mt. Rushmore's place: Abbr. SDAK
No longer in service RETIRED
Not duped by ONTO
Not exactly now INASEC
Oenophile's concern YEAR
One going back and forth SAW
One who shall remain nameless SOANDSO
One working on a puff piece? SMOKER
Park in N.Y.C., say AVE
Pink potable ROSE
Plantation of literature TARA
Primo AONE
Progress slowly INCH
Railroad fixtures TIES
Renaissance ruler TUDOR
Route abbr. NNE
Searches (through) SIFTS
Semiprecious stone JADE
Short walker? PED
Siouan language OMAHA
Some legal tender TREASURYNOTES
South Seas starch source TARO
Sporty car, briefly JAG
Stuff in a pit TAR
Subject of some still lifes EWER
Sushi bar order MISOSOUP
Sushi bar order EEL
The opposition ANTIS
Time of anticipation EVE
Urban transportation ELS
Warriors' grp. NBA
___ glass OPAL
___'acte ENTR