Universal - Feb 1 2005

Clues Answers
''Animal House'' house FRAT
''It's ___, the cows are giving evaporated milk'' SOHOT
'50s-'70s Soviet spacecraft series LUNA
Abominable Snowman YETI
And ___ grow on ONETO
Antagonist RIVAL
Assert AVER
Back to zero, perhaps RESET
Bassoon bit REED
Be in class and miss it DOZE
Be unwell AIL
Bones, in Vegas DICE
Bookie alternative in N.Y. OTB
Burden of proof ONUS
Burlap material JUTE
Carte before the course? MENU
Clairvoyant's forte ESP
Classify SORT
Clear the slate ERASE
Coast Guard vessel CUTTER
Community service org. YMCA
Cosby/Culp series ISPY
Couscous, e.g. PASTA
Damon of ''Saving Private Ryan'' MATT
Debtors' places HOLES
Dessert choice TUTTIFRUTTI
Detailed accts. RPTS
Fatty liquid OLEIN
File folder feature TAB
Folk singer Burl IVES
Folkestone farewell TATA
Foundation parts PILES
Goddess of fertility ISIS
Handbills LEAFLETS
Hearty brew ALE
Heavyweight plans DIETS
HS exam PSAT
Clues Answers
Immense VAST
In a dither IRATE
Insipid and sentimental one NAMBYPAMBY
Lhasa locale TIBET
Mater antecedent ALMA
Mattress support SLAT
Mendacious UNTRUE
Newborn's acquisition NAME
No philanthropist MISER
Noble Italian name ESTE
Not in time TOOLATE
Oasis abode TENT
On edge TENSE
Opposite of paleo NEO
Prestige REPUTE
Projected 3-D image HOLOGRAM
Puppies' plaints YIPS
Records LPS
Reprint COPY
Rope fiber HEMP
Scale pair REMI
Seeped OOZED
Smoke detector NOSE
Solar blot SUNSPOT
Sparkling wine city ASTI
Sunday wrap AMEN
Take heed OBEY
The heart of the matter NITTYGRITTY
Theater trophy TONY
To a degree SOME
Unintelligible chatter MUMBOJUMBO
Unit of force DYNE
Votive stone STELE
Wading bird IBIS
Win by ___ AMILE
Winglike ALAR
Word with foreign or first AID
___ Loa MAUNA