New York Times - Apr 27 1998

Clues Answers
'25 words or less' event CONTEST
'60 Minutes' network CBS
'Peter and the Wolf' bird FLUTE
'What ___ can I say?' ELSE
'___ dare to eat a peach?': Eliot DOI
'___ girl!' ATTA
Abbr. at the end of a list ETAL
Abound TEEM
Ancient Briton PICT
Announces with fanfare HERALDS
Any of the Antilles ISLE
Awestruck RAPT
Bacon serving RASHER
Bed covers SHEETS
Bread serving SLICE
Bridle strap REIN
Broke bread ATE
Burn balm ALOE
Chin indentation CLEFT
Collapsed FELL
Consumer Reports employee, e.g. RATER
Cooks in a caldron BOILS
Deftness EASE
Depressed LOW
Desert features DUNES
DeWitt Clinton's canal ERIE
Diligence CARE
Easy throw TOSS
English Lit, e.g. COURSE
Estate division ACRE
Fencing move LUNGE
Four Corners state UTAH
Garage sale warning ASIS
H.S.T.'s successor DDE
Hankered (for) ACHED
Hat's edge BRIM
High schoolers TEENS
High standards ETHICS
Clues Answers
Intertwine MESH
Jockey Arcaro EDDIE
Lawyer: Abbr. ATT
Little ___ (part of the Big Apple) ITALY
Mares' young FOALS
Mercury and Saturn, for instance CARS
Mouth-to-mouth ORAL
Mr. Chips's class in 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips' LATIN
On bended ___ KNEE
Part of U.S.D.A.: Abbr. DEPT
Persia, today IRAN
Peruvian peaks ANDES
Pharmaceutical watchdog grp. FDA
Pick up on SENSE
Remove dishes from CLEAR
Room at the top ATTIC
Rose feature THORN
Sample TRY
Scouting unit DEN
See 51-Across ISIT
Send overnight, for example RUSH
Skillful ADEPT
Slalom curve ESS
Snoopy, for one BEAGLE
Sweetie HON
Swizzle STIR
The 'F' in F.Y.I. FOR
The way things are going TREND
To the point TERSE
Tom, Dick and Harry, e.g. TRIO
Triple jump feature HOP
Turquoise or topaz GEM
Undergoing severe trials THROUGHTHEMILL.
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Wedding worker USHER
With 7-Down, statement at a do-or-die moment THIS
Woody Allen's '___ and Misdemeanors' CRIMES