Universal - Jan 27 2005

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Clues Answers
"Fawlty Towers" character BASIL
"Unsafe at Any Speed" author NADER
"We Three Kings of Orient ___" ARE
27th U.S. President TAFT
A big mess SNAFU
Accelerated SPED
Actress Loretta SWIT
Artist's light touches DABS
Attacks viciously SETSUPON
Backwash creator OAR
Barely make (with "out") EKE
Blockheads DOLTS
Bonnie and Clyde, e.g. PARTNERSINCRIME
California alternative BUST
Chihuahua's coins PESOS
Color with lines? TAN
Declare frankly AVOW
Director Edwards BLAKE
Dish on the side SLAW
Do a double-take, e.g. REACT
Electrical measure AMP
Electrical pioneer Nikola TESLA
Entertainer Amos or Spelling TORI
Fit for a King? GORY
Follows suit APES
Fuzzy surface textures NAPS
Garden party? EVE
Gentleman caller BEAU
Hardly hit TAP
Heinous EVIL
High spot APEX
Hollowed-out muffin POPOVER
Homesteader SETTLER
How-do-you-dos HIS
Icy shower HAIL
Inconsequential SMALL
It follows John ACTS
Clues Answers
It has many slots RENO
It's only skin-deep TATTOO
Liz Taylor's obsession? SCENTS
Monks' head ABBOT
Muscle connectors SINEWS
Networks WEBS
Not hearing you DEAF
Not shy VOCAL
Old hand PRO
Old wreck's home SCRAPYARD
One way to begin ANEW
One-on-one sport EPEE
Opposite of paleo NEO
Org. in a Jeannie C. Riley song PTA
Oscar winner Thompson EMMA
Parts of scores RESTS
Pitch, in a way ERECT
Plain as the nose on your face CLEAR
Prospector's find ORE
Quantities of spread TUBS
Region AREA
Restaurant choice THAI
Results of public opinion POLLS
Scale note SOL
Seagirt land ISLE
Section flanked by aisles NAVE
Sinatra's Gardner AVA
Smooth-tongued GLIB
Stalactite site CAVE
Strawberry field, once SHEA
Testing sessions TRIALRUNS
Top spots ACMES
U.S. plot? ACRE
Unconvincing, as an excuse LAME
Visorless cap BERET
Wicked combinations UNHOLYALLIANCES
Yakety-yak PRATE