New York Times - Apr 26 1998

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Clues Answers
'Damn Yankees' vamp LOLA
'La Bohème,' updated RENT
'Not another word!' HUSH
'So ___!' THERE
'Superman II' villainess URSA
'The Benefactor' novelist SONTAG
'Turandot' slave LIU
1936 Olympics hero OWENS.
1936 Olympics hero OWENS
8 1/2' x 14' LEGAL
A little night music TAPS
Ancient mariner NOAH
Apply cosmetics to wild animals? MAKEUPGAME
Area east of the Bosporus ASIA
Attend Andover, e.g. PREP
Back-country RURAL
Bad-mouth SLANDER
Baseball's Maglie SAL
Be reasonable ADDUP
Bob Cratchit, e.g. CLERK
Body that includes SHAPE NATO
Bogarde of 'Darling' DIRK
Bromo salesman? RELIEFPITCHER
Brownie ELF
Bushy hair MOP
Captain Kirk's log entry STARDATE
Captain Kirk's log entry STARDATE.
Car in a Beach Boys tune TBIRD
Car-racing class MIDGET
Central points FOCI
Clinch SEWUP
Close in on NEAR
Coffee filter? GROUNDSKEEPER
Commemorative pillar STELA
Comparatively congenial NICER
Composer Bruckner ANTON
Creole vegetable OKRA
Cubic meter STERE
December 25? OPENINGDAY
Digging, so to speak INTO
Divided TORN
Dostoyevsky novel, with 'The' IDIOT
Down Under dog DINGO
Drag queen's collection BOAS
Drama in three acts? TRIPLEPLAY
Farm alarms ROOSTERS
Fashionable dressers MODS
Feeler PALP
Flubbed a fly ERRED
Food fish SNAPPERS
From an earlier era RETRO
Full shopping cart? FOURBAGGER
Go gaga over ADORE
Goofing, with 'up' SCREWING
Hanging net SEINE
He caught Larsen's perfect game BERRA
Head lock TRESS
Head set EYES
Is near bankruptcy AILS
Jazz pianist Billy TAYLOR
John known as 'The Father of Television' BAIRD
Journalist's question WHO
Journalist's question WHAT
Kind of division LONG
Kind of organ REED
Knock for a loop: Var. APPAL
Labor organizer's cry UNITE
Land alternative AIR
Clues Answers
Less lively SLEEPIER
Libertine LECHER
Like a Windsor tie WIDE
Like much of Chile ANDEAN
Like party punch LACED
Like some consequences DIRE
Like some interpretations LOOSE
Like some undercover cops WIRED
Little or Short APER
Loafer, e.g. SLIPON
Luce publication LIFE
Matriculate ENROLL
Mayflower Compact signer ALDEN
Men in the hood? FRAS
Mint bar INGOT
Mountain goat's perch CRAG
Mouth widener GRIN
Mystical saying RUNE
N.B.A. Rookie of the Year, 1993 ONEAL
Nagana carrier TSETSE
Nordstrom competitor SAKS
Not sharply defined, as a computer image LORES
Of an arterial trunk AORTAL
Olfactory input ODORS
Olive brown SEPIA
One in a receiving line? HEIR
One who makes an admission? DEAN
Org. founded by Samuel Gompers AFL
Others, to Ovid ALIA
Out of this world EERIE
Pat Nixon's real first name THELMA
Pick up on SENSE
Plastered at a picnic? HIGHANDOUTSIDE
Plumed headgear SHAKO
Poltergeist manifestation NOISE
Port on the English Channel DIEPPE
Pre-1991 atlas abbr. USSR
Ranch hand COWPOKE
Renders replete SATES
Robinson and Thomas? BALLPARKFRANKS
School subj. HIST
Seat of Allen County, Kansas IOLA
Sgt. Snorkel's dog OTTO
Shore soarer ERNE
Showed the way, in a way LEDIN
Small-time TINHORN
Spruce NATTY
Stirrup site EAR
Strong porters STOUTS
Student-focused org. PTA
Subjects of Mendelian experiments PEAS
Switch-hit? CANED
Talmud Torah teacher MELAMED
Tel Aviv carrier ELAL
The Blue Devils DUKE
The Phantom of the Opera ERIK
The second plague, in Exodus FROGS
They're all in the family SIBS
They're always made at home RUNS
They, to Thibaudet ILS
Tony's cousin OBIE
Unalloyed PURE
Unbelievable one LIAR
Understanding GRASP
Vulgarian SLOB
Watson-Crick model DNA
Weary walker TRUDGER
Wharton's farmer FROME
Whirlpool whereabouts SPA
Wifey's mate HUBBY