The Guardian - Quick crossword No 11,771 - Jan 30 2008

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Clues Answers
(Two-tier) bed - rubbish BUNK
(Unwanted) outgrowth EXCRESCENCE
Ancient Greek battle formation PHALANX
Bette Davis film about an unscrupulous actress ALLABOUTEVE
Bill - magistrate BEAK
Bulldog quality TENACITY
Calm rite (anag) - that scans METRICAL
Disney film about an elephant DUMBO
Do away with ABOLISH
Clues Answers
Fastener with slotted head SCREW
Flamboyant American pianist LIBERACE
James Dean film (big one!) GIANT
Lady with guests HOSTESS
Of the gut VISCERAL
Of unsound mind CRAZY
Piece of old block, potato, etc CHIP
Regarded by many as 'The best film of all time' CITIZENKANE
Wave up and down - panic FLAP