The Guardian - Quick crossword No 11,270 - Jun 20 2006

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Clues Answers
Decorate ADORN
Drug treating depression SEROXAT
Exceptional talent GENIUS
Fixer for neckwear TIEPIN
Former US president NIXON
George, Harris and Jerome K. Jerome THREEMEN
Get off one's horse DISMOUNT
Great surprise ASTONISHMENT
Imprison (enemy aliens) INTERN
Indian title of respect SAHIB
Lie snugly NESTLE
Male bird COCK
Clues Answers
Minor road LANE
Noel rang (anag) - boy's name ALGERNON
One of the Great Lakes HURON
Prove to be true SUBSTANTIATE
Sudden and violent manoeuvring SHOCKTACTICS
The Wise Men MAGI
Tranquil CALM
Tree - the big one WELLINGTONIA
Type of window CASEMENT
Within the organisation INHOUSE