The Guardian - Quick crossword No 11,217 - Apr 19 2006

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Clues Answers
A little is said to be dangerous LEARNING
Apply drops of water to SPRINKLE
Being (significantly) there PRESENCE
Choosing of district councillors etc LOCALELECTION
Equally badly placed INTHESAMEBOAT
Firm - substantial SOLID
Get ready for action CLEARTHEDECKS
Hostile raid INCURSION
Lake - only! MERE
Long hairs WHISKERS
Clues Answers
New arrival JOHNNY
Night bird OWL
Place of worship SHRINE
Plant - yoga position LOTUS
Political or private agreement TREATY
Secure - draw TIE
See 13 across COME
See 13 across LATELY
See 19 LADY
Set (like eels) JELLIED
The one who was 'not for turning' IRON