New York Times - Jan 6 2005

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Clues Answers
'Cool!' NEATO
'It's Alright' singer ONO
'Lord, is ___?' ITI
'Meet the Press' guest, maybe PUNDIT
1970's sitcom PHYLLIS
Actor Auberjonois RENE
Ancient law LEX
Angkor ___ (Cambodian landmark) WAT
Arch sites INSTEPS
Behind, so to speak INDEBT
Bridge capacity unit TON
Brown bear BRUIN
Brown, e.g. IVY
Call to police headquarters, maybe RADIOIN
Carol contraction TIS
Caterer's aid STERNO
Certain design transfer IRONONDECAL
Chapeau holder TETE
Cheaper now ONSALE
Cheri of 'Scary Movie' OTERI
Coast Guard officer: Abbr. ENS
Cool, once HEP
Cousin of Rover FIDO
Cowboy's domain RANGE
Doesn't work anymore, informally ISSHOT
Epoch from two to five million years ago PLIOCENE
Ex-attorney general RENO
Expensive hors d'oeuvre: Var. CAVIARE
Foreign correspondent? PENPAL
Google's realm, with 'the' NET
Have OWN
Illicit drug inits. PCP
Iterates RETELLS
Jupiter, e.g. GOD
Like the hair under a comb-over SPARSE
Clues Answers
Lines of homage ODE
Little dog of old Disney cartoons FIFI
Not a soul NOONE
Not highly valued furs STOATS
Noted bankruptcy of 2001 ENRON
Pack ___ (quit) ITIN
Pharaoh's deity AMON
Plant with a bitter root DOGBANE
Quickly … and a hint to 17-, 24-, 45- and 55-Across ONTHEDOUBLE
Rare blood type, informally BNEG
Realize SEE
Rebel-turned-national leader TITO
Ronnie & the Daytonas hit GTO
See 47-Down ICOME
Self-replicating things GENES
Seriously winded AGASP
Sheet music instruction ADUE
Siouan Indian CROW
Slob PIG
Some dresses ALINES
Soup holder TUREEN
Stimulates, slangily GOOSES
Stopping by to say hello ONAVISIT
Top-rated sports group DIVISIONONE
Undisturbed LEFTBE
Was victorious, but not by a knockout WONONPOINTS
Welcomes, as a new year RINGSIN
Western defense grp. OAS
With 46-Down, words finishing 'Ready ___, here ___' ORNOT
___ Hashana ROSH
___-di-dah LAH