- Jan 3 2005

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Clues Answers
''Hi-__, Hi-Lo'' LILI
''That's too bad!'' ALAS
''__ Enterprise'' (''Star Trek'' vessel) USS
''__ your seat belts'' FASTEN
Admired one IDOL
Atmosphere AIR
Bank offering LOAN
Be generous SHARE
Bend down STOOP
Butter substitute OLEO
Capital of Croatia ZAGREB
Catch sight of ESPY
Chef's seasoning HERB
Colorado resort ASPEN
Coolidge nickname CAL
Country in eastern Europe SERBIA
Craftsperson ARTISAN
Cream of mushroom, e.g. SOUP
Early afternoon ONE
Electricity carrier WIRE
Enjoyer of 2 Down SKIER
Enter, as a building GOINTO
Eyelid attachment LASH
Feeling pleased GLAD
Feeling tense ONEDGE
Fireplace residue ASHES
Former global airline TWA
Former Mach 2 fliers: Abbr. SSTS
Fox Sports alternative ESPN
Golf-course vehicle CART
Groups of soldiers UNITS
Heathen PAGAN
High-pitched voices SOPRANOS
Imitated APED
In addition ALSO
Inspirational leaders SPARKPLUGS
It's forbidden NONO
Key lime or Dutch apple PIE
Clues Answers
Lariat LASSO
Lose hope DESPAIR
Makes a decision OPTS
Measly PUNY
Money in Madrid EURO
Name of 12 popes PIUS
Naval fleet WARSHIPS
NBC satire series SNL
New Jersey's largest city NEWARK
Norwegian royal name OLAF
Perform on a stage ACT
Pig out BINGE
Prague native CZECH
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Punishment for a student SUSPENSION
Purple flower LILAC
Put on, as clothes DON
Puts in jeopardy RISKS
Radio broadcast TRANSMISSION
Rock singer __ John ELTON
Shoemaker's tool AWL
Single-handedly ALONE
Soft shine GLOW
Some French Impressionist paintings MANETS
South Pacific spot ISLE
Swelled head EGO
Taken an oath SWORN
Therefore ERGO
Titled British woman DAME
Treat with contempt SCORN
Twosome DUO
Very much ALOT
Walk through water WADE
Wall St. org. NYSE
Wilde and Hammerstein OSCARS
Win easily ROMP
Yours and mine OURS
__ and Cher SONNY
__ mode (65 Down order) ALA