USA Today - Dec 23 2004

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Clues Answers
"Is that right?" REALLY
"Silas Marner" creator ELIOT
"Then what?" AND
Amber, e.g. RESIN
Antarctic sea ROSS
Arctic predator SKUA
Asparagus pieces SPEARS
Battle of Britain participant RAF
Besides ELSE
Boy in a Johnny Cash tune SUE
Break stabilizers SPLINTS
Britain's Man ISLE
California political maneuver RECALL
Carroll's "___ brillig . . ." TWAS
Chocolaty mollusk? OYSTERBUNNY
Churn up ROIL
Civil rights activist Parks ROSA
Closer to extinction RARER
Coastal raptors ERNS
Come up against ABUT
Commencement OUTSET
Corset stiffeners STAYS
County on the Bristol Channel DEVON
Court challenge APPEAL
Crumble over time ERODE
Darth's son LUKE
Discrete attention-getter COUGH
Dregs LEES
Drive the getaway car, maybe ABET
Endearing term HONEY
Fezzes, for example HATS
First lady's garden EDEN
Get up ARISE
Hall rug RUNNER
Henpecking hag SHREW
Hogshead contents, perhaps ALE
Homer's dad ABE
How some bivalves become bigger than others? MUSSELEXERCISES
Clues Answers
How to test the waters, so to speak? SCALLOPPOLL
Hung around DALLIED
Illegal firing? ARSON
It's nothing ZERO
Jar with a charge LEYDEN
Jewish civil year-end ELUL
Laborer of old PEASANT
Lepidopterist, at times NETTER
Letters on a rap sheet AKA
Liver toppers ONIONS
Many Little League coaches DADS
Master of the hunt's cry HALLOO
Minestrone SOUP
Mysterious character RUNE
Native from Natal ZULU
Natural hue ECRU
Nikita's realm, once USSR
Non-clergy LAITY
Pewter, e.g. ALLOY
Proof you were at the big game STUB
Receded EBBED
Rombauer of "The Joy of Cooking" IRMA
Rural lot size, perhaps ACRE
Shakespearean royalty LEAR
Small hollow DELL
Speak like Sylvester LISP
Staff pause REST
Stuff from Stromboli LAVA
Three-toed bird RHEA
Time for a midlife crisis, for some FORTY
Type A's may have big ones EGOS
Watch word? TICK
Way before the bell EARLY
Wedding rental, for short TUX
What the Castles might teach STEP
Youngster's perpetual question WHY