USA Today - Dec 22 2004

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Clues Answers
"Moonstruck" star CHER
Appearance MIEN
Augment ADD
Beginning ONSET
Bilbo Baggins' find RING
Black wildebeests GNUS
Born NEE
Bull follower? DOZER
Cap with a pompom TAM
Capybara, e.g. RODENT
Cara in "Fame" IRENE
CEO and President TITLES
Change for a fin ONES
Changes for the better AMENDS
Civil rights worker Medgar EVERS
County in the Sunshine State DADE
Cyclotron bit ATOM
Daring RISKY
Discontinuity GAP
Dogpatch denizen ABNER
Double DUAL
Dress-code concern ATTIRE
Expected DUE
Fabulous fabulist AESOP
Get a reaction from AROUSE
Give the brush-off SNUB
Hamelin's infestation RATS
House on the hill? SENATE
Intense devotion ARDOR
Kind of blanket WET
Knowledgeable VERSED
Largo, vis-a-vis larghetto SLOWER
Literary governess Jane EYRE
Livens (up) PEPS
Luau strings, briefly UKES
Made it to the ground ALIT
Maintain to be true AFFIRM
Clues Answers
Mother's relative ENATE
Muse of poetry ERATO
Musical composition SONATA
Part of F.D.R. DELANO
Personal history PAST
Peruse again REREAD
Picnic shader, perhaps ELM
Place for seeds CORE
Princess of Colchis MEDEA
Put an end to something? SAT
Reckons DEEMS
Regional animals FAUNA
Respond to stimulus REACT
Rice housing DORM
Roof pitch? TAR
Say "pretty please," e.g. BEG
Scythian warrior AMAZON
Seat of Irish kings TARA
Shortcomings FLAWS
Sizable servers URNS
Some are inflatable RAFTS
Some dog barks WOOFS
Something to click on ICON
Sport in which players don't want to get tips EPEE
Story start ONCE
Terpsichore's forte DANCE
The end of night? CAP
They're found in everyone's yard FEET
Type of shift LATE
Utrillo's stand EASEL
Verdi opera OTELLO
Viscount's superior EARL
Vronsky's love ANNA
Word with ready, self or man MADE
You're out until you put this in ANTE
Young cod SCROD
Zhivago character LARA