Wall Street Journal - Dec 17 2004 - December 17, 2004 - Rewired Reading List

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Clues Answers
'Coming to America' prince AKEEM
'Don't be a party pooper!' CMON
'Happy Days' diner ALS
'I, Claudius' author GRAVES
'On the Road' reporter for CBS, 1967-1980 KURALT
'The Divine Comedy' river LETHE
'The Story of Civilization' author DURANT
'You can't dissuade me!' IINSIST
'___ Hope' (old TV soap) RYANS
'___ Stop the Rain' (1970 song) WHOLL
...'Charles Dickens' by ___... OLIVERTWIST
...'Daniel Defoe' by ___... MOLLFLANDERS
...'E.L. Doctorow' by ___... BILLYBATHGATE
...'Edith Wharton' by ___.... ETHANFROME
...'George Eliot' by ___... SILASMARNER
...'Henry Fielding' by ___... TOMJONES
...'Henry James' by ___... DAISYMILLER
...'James M. Cain' by ___... MILDREDPIERCE
...'Leo Tolstoy' by ___... ANNAKARENINA
...'R.D. Blackmore' by ___... LORNADOONE
...'Sinclair Lewis' by ___... ELMERGANTRY
A summer place CAMP
All-important match DECIDER
As an alternative INSTEAD
As long as WHILE
Backpacker's burden TENT
Ball of fire WIZ
Banjo's cousin GUITAR
Banjo's Japanese cousin SAMISEN
Blow it ERR
Boulevard liners ELMS
Boutros-Ghali's successor ANNAN
Bowlful at a party ONIONDIP
Brand name that's Japanese for 'precision' SEIKO
Brylcreem amount DAB
C.O's aide ADJT
Calamine target BITE
Cancels out UNDOES
Carthaginian PUNIC
Central Florida city OCALA
Closeness INTIMACY
Court order WRIT
Crushed-ice cocktails MAITAIS
Days in Dijon JOURS
Dryly witty DROLL
Election Day lands on it: Abbr. TUES
English Channel feeder SEINE
English-language versions, maybe REMAKES
Fan club focus IDOL
Flat offer? CUPPA
Football injury spot KNEE
For our Mixed-Up Lit class, you'll have to read 'Charlotte Brontë' by ___... JANEEYRE
Former senator who's on the board of directors at GE and Coke SAMNUNN
Go underground BURROW
Goth's foe ROMAN
Greenland explorer ERIC
Grimly humorous WRY
Grocery store? PANTRY
Heat center ONEAL
In a fog ADDLED
Ireland, literarily ERIN
It may be hard to get INJOKE
Jodie's 'Nell' co-star LIAM
Klutzy entrance TRIP
Labor Day mo. SEPT
Leader of a sporting 'army' ARNIE
Clues Answers
Leafy lilies HOSTAS
Like beach volleyball teams TWOMAN
Like night-vision goggles INFRARED
Link together CONJOIN
Loafer insert CENT
Low card TREY
Lunchtime NOONDAY
Make binary DUALIZE
Many a Bach composition CHORALE
Margarita glass rim coating SALT
Maryland's state bird ORIOLE
Mellows out RELAXES
Mettle GUTS
Middle March? IDES
Mirror image TWIN
Mobutu ruled it ZAIRE
Momentarily SOON
Monster's home NESS
More Spartan BARER
Mrs. in Málaga SRA
Murderous alter ego of fiction HYDE
On the water ASEA
Originated AROSE
Painter Magritte RENE
Paparazzi target STAR
Pass on RELAY
Peer group? EYES
Personal: Prefix IDIO
Pfizer sleep aid brand UNISOM
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Poison container, perhaps VIAL
Pole laborer ELF
Pompous sort ASS
Pounds of Clay? PUNCHES
Pricey Swiss exports ROLEXES
Puppeteer Bil BAIRD
Region of northern South America GUIANA
Rejections NOES
Rich supply LODE
Runner Sebastian COE
Running pro POL
Says a whole lot of nothing PRATES
Silent film opener IRISIN
Small denominations SECTS
Some witches' familiars TOADS
Strike participant? PIN
Strip PARE
Style emphasizing realism VERITE
Sub depot? DELI
Surreptitious looks PEEKS
Tangelo variety UGLI
Tawny predator PUMA
Teller of nuclear secrets? EDWARD
Tests for rats MAZES
Theatrical opening ACTI
Thomas Anderson's alias, in a film trilogy NEO
Tree protuberance GNARL
Type of surveillance AUDIAL
Unconvincing LAME
Unlikely way to land a buyer COLDCALL
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' NIA
Very much BADLY
Was irritating to hear RASPED
White-sheet connector ASA
Whopper manufacturer LIAR
___ it (get moving) HOPTO