USA Today - Dec 10 2004

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Clues Answers
"Cunning hunter" of the bible ESAU
"Isn't ___ bit like you and me . . ." (Beatles lyric) HEA
"Oh what fun ___ to ride . . ." ITIS
"The A-Team" strongman MRT
"___-hoo!" YOO
1998 Tony-winning play about a painting ART
A state of the union address? UTAH
Alma mater visitor ALUM
Anti votes NOS
Aware of, to cool cats HIPTO
Awe-struck expression GAPE
Basic education trio RRR
Be dead and buried PUSHUPDAISIES
Becomes solid GELS
Belt holders LOOPS
Book between Daniel and Joel HOSEA
Brings forth PRODUCES
Calhoun of filmdom RORY
Colleague of Jimmy and Bjorn ILIE
Completely unfamiliar ALIEN
Cuisine featuring dirty rice CAJUN
Doesn't get out of the way LEADS
Don't live here and throw stones GLASSHOUSE
Dutch cheese town EDAM
Emulate a ghost, perhaps SAYBOO
Extend across SPAN
Feast of Lights observers JEWS
Felipe, Jesus, Moises or Matty ALOU
Frown (Var.) LOUR
Gave the slip ELUDED
General ___ chicken TSOS
Grasp GET
Harness ring TERRET
Headdress WIG
I-80, e.g. HGWY
Intrudes by oozing SEEPS
Land maps PLATS
Clues Answers
Leisurely stroll PASEO
Letters of credit IOUS
Martin's partner ROWAN
Mice may rest on them PADS
Mish-mash OLIO
Mob boss CAPO
Mork's sign-off NANUNANU
Mr. Scissorhands EDWARD
New start for classical music? NEO
One of the Gabors EVA
Pacific island MAUI
Part of the bed linen PILLOWSLIP
Parts of molecules ATOMS
Pillage and plunder RAPINE
Places for patches RIPS
Plane seating choice AISLE
Powdery starch SAGO
Prince Valiant's lady ALETA
Puerto Rico, por ejemplo ISLA
Raise trivial objections CARP
Record for posterity TAPE
Say again REPEAT
Slippery and slithery EELY
Some tributes ROASTS
Some TVs and VCRs RCAS
Sphagnum, for one MOSS
Super ending IOR
Swift ejection BUMSRUSH
Swing support, perhaps LIMB
Teacher's command to a sloucher SITUPSTRAIGHT
The dark force EVIL
The triple in a triple play OUTS
Tombstone inscriptions EPITAPHS
Winner's take POT
Without urgency IDLY
Words before "the occasion" RISETO
WWW address starter HTTP