New York Times - Apr 8 1998

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Clues Answers
'Bulletproof' actor Henry SILVA
'Kid' of jazz ORY
'Tell ___ lies' MENO
'___ jolly swagman...' ('Waltzing Matilda' start) ONCEA
'___ no idea!' IHAD
16-Across work ESSAY
1981 drama starring Treat Williams PRINCEOFTHECITY
A driver may change one LANE
Actor Johnny DEPP
Adagio and allegro TEMPI
Apropos of INRE
Arabian Sea nation OMAN
Arafat's grp. PLO
Aurora's Greek counterpart EOS
Authoritative order DECREE
Auto pioneer OLDS
Barbershop quartet members TENORS
Blue hue AQUA
Bookie's quote ODDS
Bread end HEEL
D.C. dignitary SEN
Dalloway or Doubtfire MRS
Endorses OKS
Expressionistic O'Neill play THEEMPERORJONES
Frequent Powell co-star LOY
Frequently, poetically OFT
Gawking at EYING
Get out of bed ARISE
Goatish glance LEER
Gung-ho about INTO
Handel opera ALCINA
Is beneficial PAYS
Isn't insensitive FEELS
It may be proper NOUN
It's right in the atlas EAST
Japanese drama NOH
Clues Answers
Kind of dancer GOGO
Lamb alias ELIA
Meet one's Waterloo LOSE
Mendelssohn oratorio ELIJAH
Munich Mr. HERR
Name for a colleen ERIN
Narcissist's problem EGO
Normandy battle site STLO
Onetime Secretary of State Muskie EDMUND
Opposed to, in Dogpatch AGIN
Orchestra areas PITS
Overexcited HYPER
Photographer Cartier-Bresson HENRI
Pitcher Ryan NOLAN
Play the pawnbroker LEND
Prelim INTRO
Princess tormentor PEA
Radiant AGLEAM
Ran fast, in England HARED
Rare gymnastics score TEN
River of Flanders YSER
Scheming SLY
Shoebox letters EEE
Singing the blues SAD
Slip cover? DRESS
Some banks LEVEES
Soul, in Soissons AME
Sporty Mazda MIATA
Suffix with differ ENCE
Tannenbaum topper ANGEL
Tennyson's 12-poem series IDYLLSOFTHEKING
They may provide relief MAPS
Use shears SNIP
Varnish resin ELEMI
Writer Wiesel ELIE
XXX drink, in the comics ALE
___ Lilly and Co. ELI
___-majeste LESE