Wall Street Journal - Dec 3 2004 - December 3, 2004 - Duplicate Statements

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Clues Answers
'...___ penny earned' ISA
'Mahogany' star ROSS
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author AUEL
'The Good Earth' heroine OLAN
'___ deal!' ITSA
4 p.m. bell-ringer NYSE
A treas. might write them CKS
Absorb, as a cost EAT
Airport porters SKYCAPS
Ale that received England's first trademark BASS
Anorak's cousin PARKA
Apollo quaff TANG
Assuage PACIFY
Bad to the bone EVIL
Baloney producer LIAR
Bargain on metal stock? USSTEELSTEAL
Baseball's Blue Moon ODOM
Battery pole ANODE
Bit of inspiration SPARK
Blew a gasket RAGED
Book contract ceremony? COPYRIGHTRITE
Bow on the screen CLARA
Brief bridge bid ONENO
Brothers' place FRAT
Buccaneer's bailiwick OPENSEA
Business leader CZAR
Camper's cookware MESSGEAR
Car bar AXLE
Caveat follower EMPTOR
Celestial sights ORBS
Citation's rider ARCARO
Clearance on yawl gear? MAINSAILSALE
Cockney, e.g. BRITON
Coors brand since 1992 ZIMA
Cube creator Rubik ERNO
Current business leader? ELECTROMAGNETMAGNATE
Decks out ADORNS
Delights SENDS
Diminish RECEDE
Domestic AUPAIR
Done for SUNK
Drive away TURNBACK
Drops the ball ERRS
Embarkation location PIER
Explorer's org. BSA
Falls behind LAGS
Fan club focus IDOL
Fast follower EASTER
Feature of Argentina's flag SUN
Fish befriended by Gill NEMO
Flight unit STEP
Fluster RUFFLE
Gaynor of 'South Pacific' MITZI
Geological formations STRATA
George of 'Just Shoot Me' SEGAL
Geraldine Chaplin's mother OONA
Get an eyeful OGLE
Good money management? DOLLARSANDCENTSSENSE
Greenpeace prefix ECO
Had a heavy foot SPED
Hammett hound ASTA
Hanoi holiday TET
Heart rhythm BEATS
Hero of Disney's 'Atlantis' MILO
Hierarchical chart TREE
Hobby shop inventory KITS
Hosp. aide's superior LPN
Imminent LOOMING
In a row ALIGNED
Is meddlesome INTERFERES
It has a supporting role BRA
Clues Answers
It may bring a tear to the eye ONION
It's just not right LEFT
Jeanne ___ DARC
King Atahualpa, for one INCA
Kmart's Michigan home TROY
Leaf-covered? GILT
Leaves in a bag TEA
Legislative output ACTS
Letters from the Corinthians ETAS
Levy on flooring supplies? CARPETTACKSTAX
Like cigarettes in elevators, usually UNLIT
Log item ENTRY
Lohengrin's love ELSA
Luxury hotel room item ROBE
Make just one advance? FLOATALONELOAN
Maria Tallchief, for one OSAGE
Millie or Jemima AUNT
MIT, e.g. SCH
Monk's abode CELL
More than adequate AMPLE
Mother deer DOES
Muscular jerk? SPASM
Music's André PREVIN
Neighbor of Java BALI
Nephew of Caligula NERO
NFL scores FGS
No. cruncher CPA
Noisy business ARCADE
One of the deadly sins ENVY
Painter Chagall MARC
Password preceder USERID
Persona non grata PARIAH
Places for some MDs ORS
Prepare for more firing RELOAD
Put on a peg TEED
Race pace TROT
Radar anomaly UFO
Rasta's locks DREADS
Ready to hit ATBAT
Reduced PARED
Rep.'s counterpart SEN
Resells for a lot SCALPS
Saloon seat STOOL
Sammy Sosa, for one CUB
Sign up ENLIST
Sinuous swimmers EELS
Site of a 1997 economic crisis ASIA
Small fry TOTS
Song of joy PAEAN
South Dakota, to Pierre ETAT
Splinter group SECT
Street shaders ELMS
Test for college srs. GRE
Theater award since 1956 OBIE
They're just passing through TRANSIENTS
This, in Toledo ESTA
TMC's sister network SHO
Undergo a merger WED
University founder Cornell EZRA
War cry of some Quebecois SECEDE
What you hit when you upset RAWNERVE
White alternative RYE
Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf. KSU
Wipe out ERASE
Word before 'chi' or after 'mai' TAI
Word before a backward R TOYS
Yellowstone sight GEYSER
Yip in a strip ARF
___ duck (Chinese dish) PEKING
___ impasse ATAN