The Guardian - Quick crossword No 10,020 - Jun 15 2002

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Clues Answers
(Unknown?) European language GREEK
African antelope ELAND
Anticlimax COMEDOWN
Architect of the Cenotaph LUTYENS
Beat with excitement THROB
Blow from fist to chin UPPERCUT
Busybody (not fruit!) MEDDLER
Commemorative object MEMORIAL
Deal illegally in (not a lever on a cycle!) PEDDLE
Descendant GRANDSON
Enlarge WIDEN
Fossil resin AMBER
Informant on malpractice WHISTLEBLOWER
Clues Answers
It is based on precedent CASELAW
Lack of seriousness LEVITY
Large volume TOME
Monk's hood COWL
Outer surface SKIN
Prince with 24 ALBERT
Provisional INTERIM
Stalk STEM
Strict vegetarian VEGAN
Stupid person DUNCE
Tea-producing Indian state ASSAM
Tension STRAIN