New York Times - Apr 5 1998

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Clues Answers
'7 Faces of Dr. ___' (1964 movie) LAO
'Beat the Clock' TV host COLLYER
'Blueberry Hill' singer is the only portly person in the family? DOMINOSOLEFATRELATIVE
'Funny Girl' co-star SHARIF
'Give ___ rest!' ITA
'Go fly ___!' AKITE
'Live free ___' (New Hampshire motto) ORDIE
'St. Elmo's Fire' actor LOWE
'The Wild Duck' playwright IBSEN
Adar's predecessor SHEBAT.
Adar's predecessor SHEBAT
Additions at school? ANNEXES
Amalgamate WED
Analogous (to) AKIN
Antiquated FUSTY
Armpit, anatomically AXILLA
Baseball's Caminiti KEN
Bellyached BEEFED
Best-selling computer game MYST
Big name in paperbacks DELL
Birds-feather link OFA
Blokes MEN
Board members EXECS
Bonaparte aide NEY
Burden TAX
Cassandra, e.g. ORACLE
Change for the better AMEND
Chemical ending ENE
Chirrup TRILL
Chunk GOB
Church assembly SYNOD
Clay, now ALI
Come-ons LINES
Component of 'fully loaded' AIR
Composed STAID
Composed EVEN
Computer language FORTRAN
Conductor Georg got high praise from his peers? SOLTIFAREDWELLAMIDOWN
Confuse ADDLE
Curtain material VOILE
D.C. figures: Abbr. SENS
Develop UNFOLD
English novelist Anthony TROLLOPE
Fact or factoid DATUM
Fan sounds RAHS
Ferry terminus, maybe ISLE
Food eaten INGESTA
French equivalent of the Oscar CESAR
Freudian concerns IDS
Game ending? ALAI
German one EIN
Get off on LIKE
Give as an example CITE
Given to burrowing, maybe MOLELIKE
Glanced at EYED
Go-carts RACERS
Group of poems EPOS
Half of a Vegas duo ROY
Hard as ___ AROCK
Hindu incarnation AVATAR
Impatient ANTSY
Injury around a horse's hoof FOOTSCALD
Is tricked by SLIPSON
Jaguars and such FELINES
Japanese violinist is bored by her Calif. performance? MIDORITIRESOFANLASOLO
Clues Answers
Kind of appeal SNOB
Kind of review MIXED
King's title, for short REV
Lender's protection LIEN
Like a solar event ECLIPTIC
Made smooth, in a way OILED
Mail or fax SENDTO
Make (one's way) WEND
Marginal notation STET
Maximum limits? EMS
Mosquito type AEDES
Most well-kept TIDIEST
Neptune satellite TRITON
News head ANCHOR
Newt EFT
Nibble NOSH
Numerical prefix OCTO
O.T. book read at Purim ESTH
Old Persians MEDES
One surrounded by raised hands TOASTEE
Outputs from El Chichón LAVAS
Overthrew UPENDED
Panache ECLAT
Pianist Ruth's audience knows exactly when to clap? LAREDOFANSTIMINGSOLID
Playing a part from ACTINGIN
Pour ___ ITON
Prince, e.g. SON
Raggedy ___ (dolls) ANNS
Rap Queen loves her supporters? LATIFAHSOLDONADMIRERS
Redresser ATONER
Reduced in number FEWER
Retailer's place MALL
Safari sight OKAPI
Saharan ARID
Salaam BOW
Salon stuff DYE
Scull OAR
Service sites ACADEMIES
Shakes off LOSES
Shout in bad weather? TAXI
Show biz's Peggy and Mama CASSES
Singer with a falsetto VALLI
Small field ACRE
Snowfall LAYER
Some football linemen: Abbr. LGS.
Some football linemen: Abbr. LGS
Some radios, for short FMS
Sotheby's visitor BIDDER
Sportscaster Albert MARV
Stadium level TIER
Stand in the sun, say DRYOFF
Super Bowl M.V.P. Brett FAVRE
Take-out counter? ATM
Tampa neighbor STPETE
The Scourge of God ATTILA
Thin skin PELLICLE
Traffic caution SLO
Twilight, old-style GLOAM
Ultimate END
Venetian boat song BARCAROLE
Virile MACHO
Weather stats LOWS
Where home is INFIELD
William Jennings ___ 'Cross of Gold' speech BRYANS
Wiped out SLEW
Wriggly creature SEAEEL
___ ghost SEEA
___-Cat SNO