Wall Street Journal - Nov 26 2004 - November 26, 2004 - Bank Holdings

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Clues Answers
'...a beauty fadeless and ___': James Russell Lowell ETERNE
'70s attorney general Richardson ELLIOT
'And ___ grow on!' ONETO
'Billions & Billions' author SAGAN
'Give ___ rest!' ITA
'I' strain? EGOMANIA
'Rosy-fingered' goddess EOS
'The Old Wives' Tale' playwright PEELE
'There, there' sayer SOLACER
'What's in ___ me?' ITFOR
'___ a Rebel' (1962 hit) HES
'___ delighted!' IDBE
'¿Cómo está ___?' USTED
2003 Australian Open champ AGASSI
A time to remember ERA
Alamogordo's county OTERO
Albania currency unit LEK
Ankle bones, collectively TARSUS
Author of the Leatherstocking Tales COOPER
Bad-mouths DEFAMES
Battleships player's goal HITS
Best-selling writer PARKERPEN
Bested at the track OUTRAN
Big bank held by this puzzle's long answers THEFED
Big bulldozer company, for short CAT
Bordeaux buddy AMI
Box for valuables SAFEDEPOSIT
Cancun coin PESO
Certain util. ELEC
Checking activity CHESS
Chinese nurse AMAH
Choice morsel TIDBIT
Course requirement TEE
Curator's deg. MFA
Deceive LIETO
Dementieva and Verdugo ELENAS
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Double-crosser RAT
DuPont creation ORLON
Dusky brown UMBER
Edison's ___ Park MENLO
Estonian's neighbor LETT
Etching aid ACID
Fiesta Bowl setting TEMPE
File, for example TOOL
Film sister HANNAH
Flavorful seed SESAME
Giraffes, camels and the like HOOFEDMAMMALS
Guarded LEERY
Gumshoe, for short TEC
H look-alikes ETAS
Have a mortgage, perhaps OWE
Having colored patches PIED
HBO rival, in listings SHO
Help wanted ad abbr. EOE
Herb of the parsley family DILL
Hindu god of weather and war INDRA
Hope/Crosby destination of 1947 RIO
Household god of old Rome LAR
In a manner of speaking ASITWERE
Indonesia's ___ Islands ARU
It may be cut or paste GEM
It might be on the staff GCLEF
Its cap. is Sydney NSW
Japanese mushrooms ENOKIS
Jargon ending ESE
Kind of conservative FISCAL
Laid away STORED
Clues Answers
Lebanon flag feature CEDAR
Light emitters DIODES
Like an autodidact SELFEDUCATED
Like some hospital wards PEDIATRIC
Linda of 'Jekyll & Hyde' EDER
Longest river entirely within Switzerland AAR
Major muddles SNAFUS
Make whole HEAL
Manhattan restaurant for creative types CAFEDESARTISTES
Many an Iraqi insurgent SHIITE
Maze word START
Metric prefix? ISO
More than implied SAID
No little angel IMP
No-no title at Ms., presumably EDITRESS
Out of the wind ALEE
Pesci's 'My Cousin Vinny' co-star TOMEI
Pianist Gilels EMIL
Pink slip, figuratively AXE
Place for les professeurs ECOLE
Play settings ARENAS
Polynesian carvings TIKIS
Pour forth EFFUSE
Practiced with a primer SPELT
Prince Philip's title DUKEOFEDINBURGH
Ranch unit ACRE
Really enjoyed oneself HADABALL
Reduces a yard to an inch? MOWS
Remove forcibly EXPEL
Richards and Reinking ANNS
Roof ornaments EPIS
Rooftop sound COO
Salad green ESCAROLE
Santa Fe-to-Taos dir. NNE
Seaport of Yemen ADEN
See eye to eye AGREE
Shindig BASH
Sloth, e.g. SIN
Sonora send-off ADIOS
Spam holder, often INBOX
Spanish resort isle IBIZA
Spoil, perhaps DOTEON
Spring LEAP
Spring blooms NARCISSI
St. Teresa's birthplace AVILA
Stock holder? LASSO
Suitable for sticklers EXACT
Sunfishes BREAMS
Takes forcibly WRESTS
Talbot of TV NITA
Tandoori-baked bread NAN
The mark of Zorro ZEE
They take night flights OWLS
Tickle AMUSE
Time std. GMT
To the extent that ASFARAS
Tract of open ground LEA
Treated without due respect SASSED
Trouble AIL
Turf protectors GANGS
Turned right GEED
Undeveloped, perhaps NONURBAN
Wallace of 'The Champ' BEERY
Whimsically merry ANTIC
Wing it ADLIB
Writer Fallaci ORIANA
___ Pieces REESES