Universal - Nov 21 2004

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Clues Answers
"Are you ___ out?" (poker query) INOR
"Cavalleria Rusticana" role LOLA
"Here ___, there ..." (kids' song refrain) AMOO
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" author Angelou MAYA
"If ___" (Beatles song) IFELL
"Immediately, if not sooner" letters ASAP
"Rock and Roll, Hoochie ___" KOO
"The Goose with the Golden Eggs" author AESOP
"True ___" (John Wayne movie) GRIT
1890s gold rush site KLONDIKE
Alley of the comics OOP
Andy's radio partner AMOS
Annoy persistently HARASS
Bad habit VICE
Balaam's transport ASS
Beckett's "Waiting For ___" GODOT
Big Ten sch. OSU
Boris' refusal NYET
Bravo or Grande RIO
Burn the midnight oil CRAM
Calvary inscription INRI
Charm with flowers and candy WOO
Circus safety equipment NETS
College marching org. ROTC
Common chutney ingredient HERB
Designer Gernreich RUDI
Elbe tributary OHRE
Energetic and spirited SPORTY
Evergreen trees YEWS
Former N.Y.C. mayor KOCH
Freshly ANEW
Greek thinker PLATO
Half a rebellion started in Kenya MAU
Clues Answers
Has another birthday AGES
In the blink ___ eye OFAN
It may follow a shuffle DEAL
Japanese electronics giant SANYO
Judge's seat, in law BANC
Kind of vaccine ORAL
Knight and Koppel TEDS
Lima's land PERU
Lincoln's coin CENT
Man of the ___ (clergyman) CLOTH
Maxwell Smart film (with "The") NUDEBOMB
Member of the mob BAGMAN
Member of the musical scale SOL
Mr. Kadiddlehopper of classic TV CLEM
Nintendo's precursor ATARI
Opera house box LOGE
Plumbing joints ELLS
Postseason game PLAYOFF
Prepare to get juice? PLUGIN
Pressure cookers POTS
Pudding thickener SAGO
Pupal protection COCOON
Relating to the forearm bone ULNAR
Setting for many jokes BAR
She played Lacey DALY
Snowball fight sound SPLAT
Soiree PARTY
South end? ERN
Unaccompanied ALONE
Unsteady RICKETY
Uris' "___ 18" MILA
Utter SAY
Waikiki feast LUAU
Where the successful go FAR
Wild way to run? AMOK
Win decisively ROUT
Work with needles STITCH
Works by sculptor Jean ARPS