The Guardian - Quick crossword No 9,693 - May 28 2001

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Clues Answers
(Protuberant) belly PAUNCH
At liberty FREE
Cheeseparing person MISER
Consider DEEM
Converse TALK
Detective SLEUTH
In weakened health RUNDOWN
Intended MEANT
Name of girl or herb ROSEMARY
Non-paying passenger STOWAWAY
Clues Answers
North Briton SCOT
One who puts the fear of God into one? HOLYTERROR
Recover from illness or crisis PULLTHROUGH
Same again DITTO
Second-hand vehicle USEDCAR
Shopping precinct MALL
Sign of aerated lawn WORMCAST
Submarine - mollusc NAUTILUS
Threatening OMINOUS
Urban fortress CITADEL
Variety of soup MOCKTURTLE