The Guardian - Quick crossword No 9,433 - Jul 26 2000

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Clues Answers
Anglo-Saxon kingdom MERCIA
Assortment - entertainment show VARIETY
Banish EXILE
Bishop's cap - wood joint MITRE
Climbs - balances SCALES
Customer CLIENT
Fall in the sea - incline to extremes GOOVERBOARD
Fault - default DEFECT
For ever ALWAYS
Give - now PRESENT
Idea - self-importance CONCEIT
Inferior LOWER
Clues Answers
Mistake ERROR
Money - contract PURSE
Perfect IDEAL
Permitted ALLOWED
Plan - intrigue SCHEME
Precise EXACT
Renovate RENEW
Russian plain STEPPE
Saturated SODDEN
Thurber character - one who fantasises WALTERMITTY
Understand - cash in REALISE
West Indian ballad CALYPSO