Universal - Nov 6 2004

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Clues Answers
"Average" guy JOE
"The Power of Positive Thinking" writer PEALE
"The ___ of Kilimanjaro" SNOWS
'70s hair style AFRO
Acorns, in maturity OAKS
Actress Verdon GWEN
Apothecary measure DOSE
Big budget item RENT
Borodin's prince IGOR
Captures the felon NABS
Cicatrix SCAR
Cleanse the entire body BATHE
Crony PAL
Cry of dismay ALAS
Defeat BEST
Definitely the case TRUE
Degrade ABASE
Demonstrated SHOWN
Edible bulbs of a lily SEGOS
End of the quip INANDGETFEDUP
Fighting force, briefly USMC
Fireplace find ASH
First rate AONE
Flamenco dancer's exclamation OLE
Georgia, once SSR
Giraffe's prominence NECK
Greek letter RHO
Heavenly Father LORD
Highlands misses LASSES
Homes for hatchlings NESTS
It may have boxes and boxers ARENA
It's in all living cells RNA
Jai ___ ALAI
James' creator IAN
Johnny Cash's daughter ROSANNE
Kind of wait LONG
Lair DEN
Clues Answers
Like a tuned drumhead TAUT
Literary element IRONY
Madame Bovary EMMA
Mild expletive DANG
More of the quip HUNGRYCOME
More of the quip THEREANDBE
Mrs. Cantor IDA
Ms. Chanel COCO
Odorless, colorless, inert gas ARGON
One holding property in trust BAILEE
Portico's cousin VERANDA
Radiance GLOW
Religious image ICON
Run ___ of the law AFOUL
Saturday AM TV star TOON
Shoulder ornament EPAULET
Showed more than once RERAN
Soon, ere now ANON
Sound from a chapel tower PEAL
Stadium cover DOME
Start of a quip DONTJUSTSTAND
Summit PEAK
Supplicant's request ALMS
Tarzan player Ron ELY
Tater SPUD
Teen's big night PROM
The Sundance Kid's girl ETTA
To the point TERSE
TV alien from Melmac ALF
Type of lily ARUM
Untalented artist HACK
Utopia EDEN
Uttered SAID
Waits for the green IDLES
Way back when AGO
Wear away ERODE
Word with sea or iron HORSE
___ contendere NOLO