The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 25,504 - Dec 13 2011

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Clues Answers
70% island drink MARTINI
A container in very good metal PLATINUM
A maths problem gives rise to complaint ASTHMA
Artist sanctuary's special delight RARETREAT
Concert to break a leg GIGOT
Dad's half-hearted spiel PATER
Deserve entire mark-up? No, just some of it MERIT
Develop heart surgeon's material VELVET
Double raise includes article to come last BRINGUPTHEREAR
Folk get on as trio somehow MENAGEA
Friend to travel on a motorway AMIGO
Fruit tickles my fancy: it's good for a starter FIRSTTIMELUCKY
Game not hard for the uneducated? PEASANTS
Grave words from some decrepit aphorist EPITAPH
Clues Answers
It cuts up apple crumble SEXAPPEAL
Kind at first, then hardens and prepares for printing TYPESETS
Knackered retina? Yes. EYESTRAIN
Legal officer accepts a right platter, served up by unknown vital supplier CORONARYARTERY
Mao and Stalin built walled city SAINTMALO
One putting up store in private INNKEEPER
Perhaps one with horn RHINO
Second action plan in relation to plants BOTANIC
Slow-moving pair of tramps, each admitting cheeky love BUMPERTOBUMPER
Supply cable possibly halved FLEXIBLY
We murmur a short reply HUMANS
White Christmas dreamer to stay at home holding hands BERLIN
With gene mutation in the lead, church gets retaliation VENGEANCE